Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Salon Review101: TENG ROMA at WestGate Alabang!

Nowadays,creating expressions or art could no longer be found on the wall painted with graffiti or exemplary music prepared by an artist.

It could also,be seen in social media but as well thru one's hair color/ hair style. You could instantly see one's personality,thru their hairdye,how jolly, colorful and bizarre a person is. They have their own statement or taste to dwell on their issues in life.

Some might say,you definitely can tell if woman's heart is broken if they cut their hair short. New style to mend their hearts in trouble. To change their old ways of living, into a lonelysoul/modessed way into rockin/ adventurous spirit.

Definitely,Our hair is our crown jewel. That's why it's difficult to give full trust to a hair stylist to cut or even trim your hair. It really depends on how heavy or smooth the hand,who will touched the single root of your hair. How successful,she/he can bring out the best in You.

This is not an ordinary blog,because this will be my 1st Time to write for a SALON101: Blog Review.

Tips on how to choose a Salon:

1) Ambience & cool environment
How soothing the place is? Does it approved your classy & elegant style?

Is the place neat and has explicit organized structural design of mirrors & chairs?

2) Professional stylist & friendly staff

Being Hair Expert gains confidence and a big Yes for the client's TRUST! Having a nice, kind and polite staff makes a customer experience memorable.

3) Price compensation.

The pricing must be worth of the Hair style you ask, should be reasonable and delightfully delivered with satisfaction.

4) Equipped with New Hair Trends

Nowadays, new techniques and hair style are parading in the scene. All Salons should be flexible and wide knowledge of new release of hair style.

Photos of Teng Roma Salon at West Gate Alabang:


Inside the Salon:

Love the simplicity, neatness & synchronicity of the place

Elegant Mirrors like classic time

You can relaxed while fixing your nails done!

The elegant entrance where beautiful
And smiling receptionist. Ready to assist your needs.

What I love most in this Salon,
Their friendly and knows what you want.
They offer tea,water & coffee for 
You to relax. Also, while, having your hair done, a scalp, neck &
 back massage is on the side. 
Senior Stylist knows perfect brush strokes.
Well-trained in hair styling!

My photos after the highlights and curly hair:

During the Highlights:


Photos of Senior Stylist, Carlo Amboy & 
pretty Receptionist of Teng Roma, Agnes:

Thanks to the Professional Senior Stylist named Mr. Carlo Amboy. His truly an expert! Amazingly, knowledgeable in
contouring my hairlights. 

Also, thanks to my sis, Agnes, Teng Roma is so fabulous place 
to pamper yourself & makes you more beautiful! 
To sparkle & mike, Teng Roma staff are so friendly! 

Visit their Salon: TENG ROMA 
U/G Floor  Westgate Hub Commerce Avenue
Filinvest City, Alabang

Tel. No.: 8023046
 Mobile No.: 09951187681
Email Address:
For appointment & info. 

Thank you for reading my 1st Salon 101 Blog Review!

I recommend TENG SALON for people 
On the South. For elegant look, a relaxed environment & a perfect hair style to
Suit your taste. 
TENG SALON is the one your looking for.

I love going to Salon to fix my hair & apply hair color.
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