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Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant: Feel in love with their Angus Tenderloin,Champions Best Seller!!!

Have you been in a place wherein you can dine and watched your favorite sports,while,mingling different people who share the same interest as yours?

Have you tasted the best Angus Tenderloin in your entire life,a food haven outside the Metro? 

Are u a Sport Enthusiasts who devotely viewed each game live or a sports fan who managed to go out in the shell and find a bar/establishment who offers live paper views? 

If you are, I've found the perfect place for you to chill and drink wine just to unwind!

Here at Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant Manggahan,Gen. Trias Cavite,it doesn't only offer a real good times but a camaraderie of sports fans who share the same joy & excitement while,watching UFC,NBA tournament or Boxing etc. 

Also, here in Champions you could see Memorabilia of Athlethes who had been CHAMPIONS on their chosen field like Manny Pacquiao Gloves etc.

Would you believe,they can seranade you with a jazz band with cool rhythms at night. Also, enjoy the Videoke with your friends at the back of the restaurant.

But,the best thing about this sports bar food haven, it serves a delightful and mouth watering Angus Tenderloin,with its big servings, the worth of it, so reasonable for a distinct taste of yours.

Imagine, Champions uses Lenovo Tablet to choose 
what meal their going to serve their customers and you can compute the bill,immediately.
Only Champions uses Digital Technology for easier access
of their best sellers. 

So,if I were you. I wouldn't missed this one. Check out the Menu they serve when, we went there with my fellow Cavite Bloggers, for food tasting.

List of the Menu for Champions Sports Bar and Restaurant
Food Review::

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

You can taste the true flavor of mushroom.
It's so fine and cremier. But, I would love it more,
If theres a bits of mushroom cuts rather 
it was cook in fine & little granules...
But, it was healthy and delicious.

Chili Beef Nachos

What I love most in Nachos, it's so crispy. Especially,
The cheese & mustard, it melts,  that makes the nachos
more delicious. The chili beef is normal, 
not too spicy or salty.

                           Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken...

         Definitely,  I'll  say, Yes for Vegetables
 especially this one.
The unique salad dressings that makes me crave
for more vegie salad...its freshness and 
Light boiled eggs gives a delighful salad experience.

More Ceasar Salad Photos

Norwegian Salmon with cabbage, glazed asparagus 
and beurre rouge sauce. 

I'm not fond of fish, but, I can say this menu
changes my perspectives 
In terms of eating fish. With its distinctive taste  and
preparation of food style, it was deliciously made.
Guess what, the salmon was imported outside 
our country to remain the quality & consistency
Of the Food.  

Angus Beef Tenderloin with mashed potato,
Grilled vegetable and red wine sauce.

This my 1st time to eat Angus Beef, it was mouth-watering,
So, tasteful especially if you cut it in the center,
you can easily taste the flavor, the seasoning is
so unique, I can't help to have a bite more.
Also, I love the mashed potato, cremier and fine.
Love the design of this dish.
Thumbs Up for Chef Ynan, love this Meal! 
Servings is so reasonable with the price.
You shouldn't missed to try this one!

One of my favorite menu in Champions
is Baby Back Ribs! 
What  I love most, its sweet sesame seasoning. 
The meat is soft and so yummy. 
 One of the best sellers here in champions. 

  Another, big servings  of Angus Striploin.
That you wouldn't missed. 
Deliciously appetizing. 


One of the best sellers for deserts.
Indeed, it is. I love tiramisu, this is one of a kind.
Definitely, I'll going back to have this one..
Love the Food Design Preparation,
With the sprinkle of graham that 
Makes this deserts more elegantly awesome.

Mango crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream 
And Toffee Caramel Sauce

The caramel sauce is not that sweet just right for 
People who has sweet tongue. However,
the crepe hardens, so, eat the dessert immediately.
Don'-t let the ice cream melt. 
There's a fine granules of mango, but, I cannot
Taste the Mango as a whole. But, you will love this 

Sweet Pinnacota
The servings are too little, esp. 
If your craving for more sweet nothings!!!

                 Simply, you can taste the real blend of
                                   Blue berry cheese cake......
             My fellow blogger named joy crazy over this!!!

To sum it up, a fabulous Food Haven in the South!! A Food Dining Experience that you shouldn't missed. A Fun way to watch your fave Sport, while, having a greal Meal that was prepared  for YOU just like a CHAMP!!!

Inside the Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant:

Champions Bar Area! For Sports Enthusiasts
Wine and unwind!!!!

Narra wood design for elegant look of the Bar

                    Great Dining Experience for big crowd

    Spacious red chair, cool ambiance & clean surroundings

           Dining Area near Comfort Room, Billing Area &
                                              Kitchen  Area.

            Red Chairs for more dining customer experience!

                               Champions Kitchen View!

Side of the Bar

Photos of Champions Owner ,Chef Del Rosatio
& some Champions Staff    :

Mrs.Bernie (Owner) & 
Chef Ynan Del Rosario

The Faces of  Champions

Sir Earl (Owner)

Champions Chef  Cuisine Superstar,
Ynan Del Rosario
Experts in International French
and Asian Cuisine

Champions Kitchen Staff

Champions Baristas

Outside Photos of Champions:

        The Fascade of Champions Sports Bar &  Restaurant

                Brownwood Establishments & Champions

More photos of Cavite Bloggers:

                       Cavite Bloggers, Go For CHAMPIONS!!!

Sweet Cavite Blogger Couples dines at Champions!

Smile for the Camera, Bloggers!

Food Phoneography / Photograpy  

Enjoy their Events Daily which includes:

MONDAY: Ladies Night - 50% off on all Cocktails
TUESDAYS: "Taco Tuesday" Est all you can
WEDNESDAYS: "Cocktail & Jazz Night"
THURSDAY: "Poolside Barbecue Night"
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: "Live Band Night"
SUNDAY: "Family Lunch" kids play for 
Free XBOX 

So,  enjoy all the events that Champions
Bar & Restaurant Offers, a bar that serves
Quality service, a VIP  Management,
A Digital Technology Innovation, 
Music & Sports combination 
And a Family Oriented dining experience.
Eat, Watch,Unwined, Sing & Swim 
like a Real Champions!!

Thank you so much for reading my Food Review
Blog for Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant
at Gen. Trias, Cavite!
Also, I'm so thankful and grateful for Louise Banta,
for organizing the Food Review for Cavite Bloggers
and the warmth welcome & big heart for the
Owner of Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant,
Mr. Earl & Ms. Bernadette
 for inviting us for food tasting.
Thank you Chef Ynan Del Rosario,
Your an Awesome Chef!!!

Thank you as well to my fellow Cavite Bloggers,
I have so much fun, awesome people!!!

Kindly, visit their Website, for dine-In, franchise, accomodation. & menu / services they offer.

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Twitter & IG: @championscavite

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes