Friday, July 29, 2016

My 1st Rave Party at Jackowacko Music Festival (Season 3) 2016!!!!

Millenials, also known as Generation Y, an individual who grews up in which technology increasingly springs, wherein electronically gadgets are seen everywhere. That's how our society works.We're livin in a fast paced environment, 
one touch you can see the whole world.
One browse you glance all movements around you. 

So, let me share photos and videos of 
My 1st JackoWacko Music Festival (Season 3) 2016, a rave party for all gen. Esp. GEN Y!!!
Perhaps, this is how millenials
 party & rave the night away. 

JackoWacko Music Festival has many guests artists , one of them that I've listened to includes: Silent Sanctuary and Perkin Twins. Definitely, those performers has a cool rhythm voice that makes you dance and follow their songs on the stage. 

Followed by the hottest, sexiest and coolest DJ In the Land namely: Deuce, Cathy Frey, Marc Marasigan and Lucio Pua
and the coolest MC Ronthug

Rave Music describes as: A large Dance Party wherein hottest DJ's and live performing artist  plays EDM (electronic dance music) has a giant , big boosts amplifiers that produces a deep bass sound for dance rhythmic movements. It usually has laser light shows, projected& visual digital imagery and fog machines that makes the party more vivid and exciting.

Take a look of all the Images, words are not enough to express how millenials rave the night...wet, wild, canon water blasts, loud sound, DJ Mixing, partyzone and RaveForce....

Here are some of the Photos taken:

Photos of the Concessionaries & Exhibitors:

A PhotoBooth c/o PartyZone 
First 100 JackoWacko Rave Guest 
who lines up have their free Photos taken!!!

Wanna drink some beer???

A Henna Tattoo perhaps...

Eat at Max's after a tiring rave dance

Some Delish for you party people!

More Nachos, Fries or Burgers!!!

Drink Up..more raving dance up NEXT!!!

Craving for Pasta or Pizza???

Would you ride a YellowCab?? 

Kikay Fashionables 

Get your GlowNtheDark Bracelet or 
A water gun!!!

Ready to screen your phone at Apollo!

The 3 young ladies who joined and enjoyed JackoWacko namely: April Peros, Jonel Bugan and Allysa Cruz

After, the Rave Party! Well, Groufie with our wet clothes!

Awesome Night for this pretty girls!!!

Thanks my beloved Aa for bringing me up at the 
Event. Even, if you didn't stay up. Cool pics!!
Love the Circuit Makati at Night!!
My fave color, purple.

Here are some Videos that I took during the Rave Night:

Cannon Water Blasts on the Sideline

DJ Cathy Frey raving the Night away

Millineals partying hard!!!

Rave Party with DJ Marc Marasigan

Lady DJ Deuce mixing a wild Rave Music

Tips for Rave Party:

Wear Comfortable clothes
Wear Sandals or comfy shoes
Prepare the plastic bag for your Phone
Be sure your Phones are fully charged
Prepare yourself to get wet and rave all night
If you will bring a bag, secured it at
Locker station. Be Alert.
Stay away from drugs.

Seraphimsnotes: DJ LUCIO PUA also, plays a cool
Rave Music. Sadly, all my phones are down.
I didn't record anything. Anyways, lesson learned.
Don't take video's too long, reserve more bat.

To sum it up, my 1st RAVEperience is so AWESOME.
Tiring and overwhelming...
I enjoyed a lot, new raving experience!!
So, much FUN!!!

Thank you so much to Partyzone for the
Invitation! More power and keep on raving!!!
Visit & follow their Website at 
For more Rave Party Gigs!!!

Thanks HollerMall, I won some of your freebies
A TechnoPack BackPack!! 

#Happy RAVExperience with my
 1st JackoWacko Music Festival
Last July 16, 2016 at Circuit Makati PH!!

Thank you for taking time to browse
My JackoWacko RAVExperience!!!

Lovelots, #seraphimsnotes

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