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Sunlife, a tool for good financial plans & decision-making in Life for a Soloist!!!

In terms of financial, why do Filipino's scared to talked about it? Why do we seldom asked for financial advisors?  Why do we need to hide on our shell? How do we kept our finances available or do we strongly believe we can save for our future? Are we financially equipped to enjoy our retirement? Those are some questions battling in my mind. But, there is one word  that shaken my world and bedazzled with my current situation, the word "Retirement". 

As an early age of 36, why am I too worried, what's future holds for me. Am I too rushing with the tides called "Life".  
But, before, I've mentioned, my own struggles and endeavors  in life.I would like to share some of my notes or answers of the questions above. Money is a big issue for Filipino's especially if we are a middle-aged earner, wherein, we put all our expenses with our food and education to our family. That's one big hindrance that limits us from saving for future retirement. Oftentimes, we didn't asked for financial advisors, because, we felt its waste of time for asking some help, if we cannot implement it. We lose the will to save due to our responsibilities and neccessities in life.

However, there is what we called financial planning & managing expenses that I heard during this Seminar, that lights up my bulb in my head. But,there's one question that needs to be addressed, can we really set plans and manage it?

So,I wanna share 4 Lessons / Eye-Opener I've learned during this short Seminar.

1)Learning your biggest expenditure. 
Being a soloist, a blogger and an Aunt, gives you financial freedom but, still , you need to compute your everyday expenses, from your transportation, food allowance, home bills and "pasalubong"for your cute niece. Also, what's the greatest thing that blow-up your expenses, I believe it's make-up, perfume and dresses.
To make you confidently beautiful with a heart, anyways, those are some things thats makes an independent girl, truly alive and happy. Ofcourse, it costs a lot. Identifying the root costs of your expenses gives you numbers that can be useful in financial planning.

2)Modify your Behavior in dealing with Finances.
How can you change your habits, it's like teaching a dog ,a new tricks. Simply. re-learn new habits, apply new ways in battling your old action. Write a list of your expenses, weekly monitor it. Write some affirmation or Dont's list,  so you will be able to Avoid uneccessary expenses. If your buying a new lipstick brand every week. Stop going in the place where beauty make up's are everywhere. Limit yourself in reading new brands of make-up, to stop your cravings.  Still, reward yourself once a month for a beauty regimen/products to make your blood running. 

3)Knowing your financial challenges & cope with it.
Understanding the complexities and inflation of your everday expenses. Makes you more aware of your short or long term goals. Manage your short term goals like for example, after, 5 months your planning to reward yourself a trip in Boracay. So, you need to lower your expenses in buying clothes and dining at luxurious restaurant. Be alert that your saving for future self-excapades. If you can achieve it, there's a bigger chances you can save for your retirement. One step at a time, stop deprivation, but, don't limit yourself from inner happiness.

4) Simply, Invest to enjoy life in the future.
So, when you started achieving your short term goals.
It's time to be bounded by Life's course, your own path for financial security and for your future's welfare. 
Time to realized the boundaries of saving for your own enjoyment that gives you boundless opportunities to savor the fruits of life.

Well,those 4 Eye-Openers that I mentioned,still, in the making.But, proper perspectives and advice with financial experts. Slowly, I could achieved it. 

Like, SunLifePH goals "Money for Life , Bus for the future" 

Wherein, it focuses on how to manage and organize your money in life, how to be equipped in long term benefits you wanna attained,it gives you further #Money4LifeChallenge that develop's individual to trust the process on how you can save for your future. 

So, I've pepared some of my points of view that can be useful in financial planning & managing your expenses:

I.Snapshot: Knowing your Financial Race Kit Start

II: Goals: Ensuring your short or long term goals, a journey towards a stable foundation.

III:Family Protections: Identifying what Insurance 
Policy that suits for yourself and Family.

IV:Action plans: A Company that helps your plans, into reality. 

Few Photos of the Seminar for Sunlife 

Our wonderful Speaker for Sunlife,
Mr. Aya Laraya.

Mr.  AYA  talks about Brexit,
Identifying cause and effect!

Aya Laraya stated "who really pays 
your entertainment expenses!!!

Rationale for Money4LifeChallenge

Money4LifeChallenge Agenda

Reward Time for best blog


It's not how big or how strong the company is, if you strive for your ownself to meet your financial goals with discipline and confidence. Every liabilities can turn out into assets. Make necessary changes in your life and simply, make it happen!!!  It will be a struggling one, but, creating a right route map, we will arrived at the right track. 

Like, Aya Laraya stated, "Life is getting harder,minute  by minute. Either, we ignore it, Save it or Spend it." It's your choice, your plan of actions.

Being, a soloist, gives you opportunity to think more deeper, what the future holds. I should be eager to learn
And accept insights on how to manage my life effectively,
In terms of financial.  Yes, Retirement, is a big Word for me!  Still, I have long years to go, Now, I came up with my senses. One step at a time, ill prepare for my future. Indeed, live life to the fullest,
with proper planning, adjustment with my lifestyle
and having a great knowledge of handling my
Life accordingly with God's plan.

Thank you for reading my Blog
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Let Sunlife help you
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Thank you SunLifePH 
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My co-bloggers and attendees!!

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes