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Part 2(Heritage Houses): Bloggers Heritage Tour in Malolos Bulacan!!!

Old houses brings back good memories, when I was still little. During my summer vacation on my grand mother's ancestral home in Ilocos Sur, I can't forget those nights, when, we slept on the second floor with windows widely open, seeing darkness outside and hearing the sounds of noisy crickets only.

Dr. Luis Santos Heritage House
Mural Ceiling made by famous Filipino Painter Fernando Amorsolo of Spolarium

Nevertheless,wide windows, narra woods , high ceiling and old dark basements. Vintage chairs, tables, utensils, old creepy rocking chairs and even, old walled photographs of my great grand parents gives me goosebumps while staring at them. But, I do value their authenticity.

Dr. Luis Staircase with my fellow 
Blogger Friend Cherrybells with 2 Maloleno Kids

That is why, seeing vintage houses in Malolos Bulacan is a delightful experience for me. It makes me appreciate simple things in life  and my memories with ancestral homes especially those old decades.

Grand Piano

Indeed, I love seeing amazing architectural designs of houses & villas, the genius behind each curves, drawings and curves englighten my spirit towards artistry, old handmade paintings and vintage items. Every, perseverance and time invested on it, is meticulously guided with passion on Art and love for Filipino Culture.

Wooden Furnitures and Old Vases inside Dr. Luis Home

Furthermore, the rich culture of Malolos had been preserved and magnified by they're kind-hearted and down to earth Mayor Christian Natividad, who devotedly fights and believes with our Filipino Constitution and our Filipino Heritage Culture /Traditions.

Wonderful Architectural Designs of the Ceilings
Above Photo: Murals of F.Amorsolo
Below Photo: 
Art Design at the Left Attic of the House

Meeting him personally and talking to this wonderful person, Mayor Natividad brings back my patriotism for being a Filipino. His mind is filled with love for our country and its undying service for People of Malolos is inexplicable and magnificiently outstanding.

Well preserved Book Shelves & Library of Dr. Luis

I can sense his sincerity for reaching our millenials to create a wide vast of knowledge during our past history that our heroes had shown, that he wanted to imprint each one of us the benefits / knowledge of knowing our roots,our rights and constitution for having our own Indepedence. That our millenials savoring the fruits of freedom.

Old Vintage Furnitures, Paintings, Tables, Chairs, Narra Floors, Doors & Windows inside
the Interior House of Dr. Luis

Seraphims Points of View: 
*I wish, that all public servant in the Philippines may have the same characteristics as Mayor Christian has, the same affection he had for our country. A love that grows and eager to create a strong walls for Filipino Heritage & Tradition to preserved its original meaning " LOVE for our nation, Philippines" and "LOVE for Filipino Culture and Traditions".

Religious Room and Old Pictures 

Here's the photos of the famous House called "Bahay na Bato/ Don Antonio S. Bautista House":

Famous Bahay na Bato

May all traditional church, vintage house, memorabilia furnitures and historical places in the Philippines should be well-preserved and managed with delicate respect.

Barisoain Church in Malolos Bulacan

May all Filipino people carry in their hearts, the same courage, love, valor & bravery of people who fought for our freedom to built a strong Philippine Constitution with honor, integrity and dignity.

Selfie with Mayor Christian Natividad.
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