Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seraphims Dearberry Wish for a white & glowing skin!!!

Dearberry brings a pink glow and brightens my skin to look more younger. 

Definitely,  I admired Korean beauty especially during those times,  when, I was still working at the Airport screening all the passengers and taking their health checklist. One of my favorite flights, I've been waiting at night in PAL Centennial Terminal2 are the flights in Incheon and Seoul because I was able to see and communicate with Korean Passengers. I love their white complexion, their soft-heart and smiling faces especially the Women with their radiant and elegant beauty.

That is why, I've excited that I've known the brand quite sometime during Pinoy Blogger Christmas Party and for the second time, here in Filipino Bloggers Network Get Together Celebration. I was overwhelmed with the effect using the yellow-honey mask, it makes my skin more soft and it gives moisture to give proper hydration. I'm thankful that dearberry is one of the leading brand korean cosmetics who takes good care of the skin for all the women around the globe. 

However, If there's a Dearberry genie, here's my 2 Wishlist Items that I want to have, to achieved a perfect glowing skin and white beauty:

1)Cover girl BB Primer
I would love this as a gift from dearberry, because its best in covering blemishes in the face, it has 3 great effects like: whitening, anti-wrinkle and sunscreen protector. It  gives my skin nourishment and a healthy glow. I love dearberry BB Primer so much. It gives a soft and magic touch on my skin that makes me feel more beautiful.

2)Online Gel Liner
I love making a winged designed in my eye after applying a gold eye shadow. This dearberry Online Gel Liner will be a perfect regimen to achieve a fairy look, with its long lasting, waterproof and smudgeproof effect this will be perfect additional make-up cosmetics in my collection.

As a Filipina, we value our skincare and facial complexion. If we talk about being beautiful and showing the Universe how confident we are. We make sure, we look our best all the time and dearberry helps us to achieved that simple, outstanding beauty to restore our young facial appearance. Dearberry products simply revitalize our skin, giving ultra hydrated and a healthy complexion. 

As much as i love their place, especially, Jeju Island, which has a relaxing view of the sea. Korea also, owns a company who manufactured cute bears and a Bear Stuff museum.

With their 4 Season weather, makes their complexion soft and glowing. That is why, I recommend dearberry to all Filipina women out there. Know their culture, their skin tips and beauty regimen and be mesmerized with the effects.
For more information and to shop dearberry products, visit their website at www.dearberryphilippines.com
Or in Facebook: @dearberry.ph / www.facebook.com/dearberryphilippines
Thank you for reading my dearberry wishlist!!!

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