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Pinoy Bloggers celebrates Christmas holidays at Japanese Misono in Makati!!!!

One of the coolest Bloggers Group in the Philippines celebrated its Christmas Party last December 10, 2016 at Misono Japanese Restaurant in Bel-Air, Makati wherein almost a hundred attended the party and enjoyed fun games and raffle prizes organized by CEO of Tagmedia, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas.

Photo Credits to Tagmedia

The celebration started from 7pm and lasted up to almost 10:30pm wherein lots of Games were played enthusiastically by its members like charades,eating bananas and many more.

Awards are given for Best KPOP Costumes, Bloggers who first arrive at the venue, Bloggers who had been actively joining all PB Events and actively commenting and hitting Likes Buttons at the PB Group Page. Each Awards are sponsored by various brands such as Zoomanity Group owned by Mr. Robert L. Yupangco, Dibbz, Dearberry and BiyaheKo, etc.

Almost, all awards are given to my good friend Mr. David Ferro, who had been a great supporter and a loyal brand ambassador of Pinoy Blogger and Tagmedia.

The festivity would not be complete without delicious food buffet served by the Chef of our venue in Japanese Misono Restaurant Here are the photos of the delighful Japanese food buffet:
Photo credits to Chi Maracha
Photo credits to Chi Maracha

Some sponsored brands of our prizes and giveaways where able to present their respective brands such as:
KSL Travel & Business Cafe
Diana Menezes with
their newest MicKaraoke
Zoomanity Group
NineBot Segway Philippines
Dibbz Company& Representative
And many more sponsors....
Thank you so much for being partnered with our very owned & respected Pinoy Blogger Organizer and Admin. Madam Grace Bondad Nicolas. Thank you so much for your endearing support.

Nevertheless, I'm so thankful and grateful. I was able to attend my first Pinoy Blogger Christmas Party with Ms. Grace and mingled with my fellow bloggers. I have so much fun playing with the charades and eating banana contests. Ofcourse, my team won at the charades. Definitely, all PB members are fierce, a good team player and competitive in terms of contests and attending events with the inspiration of our PB Admin and Tagmedia CEO, Ms. GBN.

Congratulations for a succesful event, to all the hardships and perseverance of all the staff of PB who conceptualized this event to bring camaraderie and joy to all my fellow members of Pinoy Bloggers.

May this 2017, be filled with enormous blessings with our dear Lord's guidance. May peace, humility, generosity and genuine friendship be built with a strong bond of leadership and camaraderie to all Pinoy Bloggers Team.
Photo Credits to Jared aka:Running Suplado
Here are some photos of our KPOP PINOY BLOGGER CHRISTMAS PARTY:

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Pinoy Blogger and Tagmedia Christmas Party 2016 last Dec. 10 held at Japanese Misono Bel-Air Makati!!!
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