Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seraphims Windows of My Soul!!!!!

Can you read my mind by looking into my Eye???

Some are good in guessing, some can fool you by talking too much. Some can lie to you that he knows or even love you? 

But, can you truly tell that beyond those words, there is still honesty and sincerity within. 

If your going to look into my eyes, would you tell what's in my heart.... 

Indeed, Eyes are the Windows of your Soul!!! You can easily, catch a person if he is lying if you look into their eyes. No need to say a word. Just one stare, it goes straightly into your heart speaking in your mind. If this man is true or not...

Couple of times, I tried to look into your soul. It works all the time. But, have you ever wondered lately, that you can't seem to read my mind. Connections disrupted. Bond slowly drifting apart.

Well, there's no one to blame. If the flame sparks suddenly lose its strength. Like a Tiger, who sometimes lost its prey. Soon, he'll find a way to get a new one. Reviving all its power and agility to fight whats lost in the wilderness.

Tips on how to stare on ones Soul:

Look them straight into the Eye. 
No Blinking. Feel their Heartbeat.
Observed the Air that he breathe.
Keep an eye on their Hand Gestures.
Feel a strong Aura of Colors 
iluminating such as:

If you already sense an awful feeling of negativity towards a human being, it bounces back towards your nerves
signaling a strong reaction that 
you can't be together. 

But, if a strong match of energy is flowing. The Universe will take its chances to make things right. A soul will be intwined with another soul. 
It can be a genuine friendship or 
Love that last forever. 

But, remember, like a fierce Tiger that youre meant to be, you have the capacity to break it by your claws or sharp tooth. Its within your soul to reach out and be an attractive like a diamond sparkles in the Night. 
You create your own Window.
Either, you let them touch your soul or completely disclose yourself in your own world. 

Am I ready to look into another's eye again. Perhaps, the answer is NO!!!

UNTIL THEN, Seraphims will continue to wait at the right time.

At the right moment......

But, ill continue to be a Child again...

Like, a little child,I have a soft and sensitive heart. Who enjoys simple
joys in life. Giggle and make playful moments with little ones.
It gives me, profound hapiness and
a sincere hope that love blossoms in a world where innocence and genuine care flows. A dimension where sadness is less, dissapointments,failures and heartaches does not exists. 
Wherein, a child only focuses with their toy, playtime hours and satisfying their sweet appetite. 
If only things are simple, if we could fix and build a lego castle. Share a happy ending. But, stages and cycles should remain its course. 
No matter what it takes, keep your eyes straight. Focus on things you can change and accept the things that you can't. Be happy on your own. Just be a child, simply, smile everyday😊

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