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Beautiful Pain Movie Review: Inspiring story about Autism!!!!

During my Internship years as a Physical Therapists, I encountered lots of special kids who needs special care & attention. Few elicits mild symptoms of autism and lower IQ but still functional. However, with the guidance and encouragement of their parents,their Physical Therapists and Teachers. They are more productive and helpful to our community,today. Through their indifferences, they were able to overcome the norms of the society. 

That is why, I'm very excited to watch Beautiful Pain because it tackles a big issue of raising an Autistic Child. Through this movie, parents and families would be able to understand the struggles and commitment of raising a special child.

The film, "Beautiful Pain", continuous its process of learning, accepting ones behavior and being patient to its course.  Indeed, love and perseverance are the key that keeps a family united in the midsts of a challenging situation. It traces a big emotional and mental journey of a family towards acceptance of the autism disorder of their son. Denial, frustration and anger are the first defense of an individual upon discovering a new situation wherein plans are out of their hand.

Selfie with the director of
Beautiful  Pain, Tunku Mona Risa...

Tunku Mona Riza touches the heart of Filipino's especially the families whose raising up an autistic child. It gives a more deeper meaning of that so called "life".  Redha Movie entails a joyful surrender to Gods will. Despite, of all the hardships , this movie inspires  to give hope, appreciation and understanding of persons with autism.

I admired, Alina, the mother of Danial, who suffers from autism disorder, with her kindsness and unconditional love, she were able to slowly open up the barrier between acceptance and learning about the disease. With the support of her friends & sister, she were able to make a strategies to help his son to adjust on his autism disorder. While, Razlan, father of Danial, has diffulty on accepting his son's condition. But, awakening and compassion still rules through the eyes of a stranger that makes him realized the value of his son that makes him more closer to his child,eventually.

You will cry, feel sorry but you'll be brave enough to face life and understand God's will. Love makes the world a happier place to live. Blessings comes in mysterious ways, you just need to listen with compassion and kindness. Be grateful for every autism child that was born, its Gods gift for you to live life with genuine joy and learn each day to be grateful for our creator. 

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Beautiful Pain will be shown in 3 Cinemas only, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA & SM Mall of Asia on July 19-25 in commemoration of the Philippine National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. 

To learn more about Autism Advocacy, visit:  www.

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