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❤Single Ladies Alert101: Cuddling nieces occupies longer hours than dating a Man of your Dreams!!!

Seraphimblue will be writing some notes about some issues and insights of being Single and i'll be starting it today. So, watch out for new topics every week. I'll be calling my blog, Single Ladies Alert 101. My opinions stated are based on my life experiences and survey questions with my few single friends like me. Stay tuned for real life drama, joys and laughters.

Its your own remedy and answers towards your true calling of Singleness learn from it or live with it!!!

Single Ladies Alert 101:

Are you really looking for the Man of your dreams or your just busy writing blogs, reading novels or wattpad or simply, all your hours are pre-occupied playing with your cute niece/nephew at home? 

Those are few questions that I ordinarily asks to my single girlfriends. I've been there, until I met my love of my life. But, definitely, the latter part still applies within my daily lives coz I love cuddling my sweet and pretty nieces whenever I got home or during weekends. 

I guess, each of us has our own unique ways in showing our affection to our loved ones especially within our family members. 

Have you noticed lately that you are drawn with your little niece, as you went home from work. Your world stops upon kissing her on the cheek and embracing her so tight until she wildly forced you to let her go.

Your stressful and tiresome day will turn into a joyful moments upon seeing the smile of your nieces. Each laughters you both make while watching TV makes you more calmer and gives you enormous happiness within your spirit.

Are you patiently crazy, watching Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Spongebob, Icarly, HighFive, PawPatrol, The Loud House with them? Laughing and even memorizing all the characters of the show. Just to mingle and be more closer on their world. Thats what kids are, everyday are happy moments with them. Do you agree? 

Time flies and its almost bedtime that you still wanted to hug, play around with her while, she's telling all her stories about school and her classmates. She even asks you to buy her a toy or a pencil. 

Being a single lady in the house, wherein your siblings had already have their own children and your still single up to this moment and no boyfriend,  allows you to be more closer with them. Sometimes, you end up giving more time and love because of your extra hours. Ofcourse, your career is your utmost priority but oftentimes, your soul is yearning for someone who will love and care for you in return. Because, of the innocence of a child, you can instantly feel in their hearts the true essence of love.  That is why you are attracted on the attention their giving you. 

Yes, its ok to devote your time with your nieces/nephews. As a Filipino, we grow up being a Family oriented individual. Its easy for us to treasure our loved-ones. But, here's Seraphim's advice, simply looked around you. Learn to socialize, live your life and cuddle yourself once in a while. 

Sometimes, we are preoccupied playing with our nieces that we had forgotten to find our own happiness with someone else. We denied ourselves on building our own family and having children on our own. We are contented on what we have that we end up regreting in the future. Indeed, they will remember us, our love for them will always linger on their hearts. Remember, you hold your own destiny, you choose your own path towards singlehood or having a complete & happy family.

Believe and pray for double rainbows in your life......

Time is so precious that you need to balance your everyday emotions of laughters, frustrations and joy. LOVE your niece, LOVE yourself... Find your partner, your Prince Charming!!!!!

Its never too late to fall in love ❤❤❤

Single Ladies Alert 101: Cuddle your niece on Weekends and Date Night on Friday Evening....

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