Friday, July 28, 2017

Ditto Lesaca's Paella: A night of Paella overload!!!!

Every, delicacies  tells a delightful story of past history and treasured moments of family ties. This authentic paella recipe is brought to you by Mr. Ditto Lesaca's great grand parents that was learned and passed by generations throughout the year. The perfection of this cuisine is consistent to savor each bite of the  paella valenciana and negra. 

Furthermore, I met him during a previous book launch in fully-booked, wherein I've tasted for the first time,the paella that he served. To tell you honestly, I really don't like to eat paella ever since, I was little, maybe, because I felt that rice should be separated by the menu itself not mixed by any saucy food ingredients like how it was originally done. But, I was fascinated how Paella Ditto was serve and prepared during the event. I was amazed by the seafood toppings and large servings that is why, I can't resists to try it. At first, I was hesitant but all of the guests told me that is so delicious and the way Mr. Lesaca introduced the Paella, to the public, really impressed me well.

Truly, its go beyond my expectations. My taste buds and my mind tells me that this, Paella is the best paella I've ever tasted. I instantly, posted it online. In fact, this is my first time , I've ever ate paella and its worth it.  With its big servings and delicate preparations. The authentic recipe that was passed on over the years even foreign diplomat can't forget to order this mouth-watering paella.

Indeed, Libertine was filled with fabulous people who excitedly waited for the uncovering of two specialties of Paella Ditto, one is the  Paella Valenciana and the second, is Paella Negra.

Uncovering Paella
Valenciana with Mr. Ditto Lesaca

Paella Negra
The night was overloaded with 2 big sets of Paella with extra freebies of Ditto Lessaca's red wine.

Words are not enough to describe how I loved the taste of Paella Ditto. I believe, you need to order one, to discover, why Spanish Diplomat and some prestigious elite individuals loved to order, Mr. Ditto Lesaca's Paella.

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Here are some photos of the Paella Night in Libertine Bar, BGC.

Photo Gallery:

My Buddy's Gus Cabredo
& Kim Baylon

Bloggers Paella Night!!!

Believe me,its the Best Paella in town. Enjoy Paella Ditto, its worth your penny. I highly recommended this to all Paella Fanatics.... 

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