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Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines (CPAP) : Fund Raising Project!!!!

Generosity is a practical expression of LOVE!!!

We are equal, we live in the same land, we breathe the same air and we are united in one goal. To reach and be love with respect,integrity and with compassion. 

We are here in this World, for a mission to uplift one another, to act as a cane, an assistive device, if others are weak, we can be the voice, if other people don't have. We can, if we set our minds to help others. So, I'm reaching out thru this blog, so we can be heard. We need your affection and generosity to achieved our goal. To believe that each one of us has a heart of gold for people who suffers from Cerebral Palsy disease. I am not one of them, but, I have few special toddler patients who undergoing this CP Disorder. 

Bosia Tournament with CPAP Members
held in National Childrens Hospital last May 2017

I know, how challenging it is to raise and give a good quality of life to those individuals. But,through your help and big heart. They would be able to be more productive to our society. Through, this Fund Raising Campaign, a new transpo vehicle will be raise so they can be accessible everywhere to attend trainings that can be useful to their growth as a human being. So, here's their information. 

The Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines (CPAP) Inc. is a non-stock non-profit organization for and manages by Persons with Cerebral Palsy.  Our Projects, Programs and Activities (PPA) are focused on the “Empowerment and Productivity” of our members through active participation.

Seminars /Trainings/ Workshops are implemented for an organizational sustainable development of Persons with Cerebral Palsy enhancing their abilities and skills/talents. It our own way of contributiong within our society. 

CPAP, Inc. has launched Fund Raising Project with an aim to raise financial funds to support existing and future programs, projects and activities of the organization. It was held last September 16, 2016, during the Opening Day of the Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week following the Proclamation No. 588.

Old Service Vehicle
One of the objectives of this project is to procure a modified accessible van (L300) primarily be used as a service vehicle of CPAP officers and members, who are using assistive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers, to attend various disability related events/activities like seminars/trainings and workshops. 

Bosia Tournament held in NCH
Photograph taken by Seraphimsnotes
The Fund Raising Project will continue until August 2017.  Our Grand Draw will be on September 22, 2017 during the closing day of the 14th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week.   

In this regards, may we kindly request for your support for the Fundraising Project of our organization.  You may extend your support in any of the following:

Purchase of Raffle Tickets with a price of Php200.00 per booklet (10 tickets) with an incentive of ten per cent (10%) for every Php1,000.00 sold tickets.

Sponsorship for our Grand Prizes.  Donation can be deposited to our organization’s bank account:

Account Name: Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines
Savings Account No.: 3980223056
Bank Branch Address: BDO Anonas-Kamias, Quezon City, Philippines

Paypal Account Name: 

Endorsement to civic groups, companies and foundations.

Photo Credits to Ms. Charito Manglapus
(R) Pres.of CPAP, Mr. Dennis Ilagan
(L) VP of CPAP, Ms.Charito Manglapus

CPAP Officers:
Antonio Procopio ‘’Dennis’ P.  Ilagan
CPAP, Inc. National

(Sgd.) Charito Corazon “Chato” Moldero-Manglapus
Vice President
CPAP, Inc. National 
Fundraising Project 

For tickets and inquiries, just send PM to my FB Page: 

You can reach me thru Text or Call for tickets and your donations: 
Natalie R. Tugade -09951246043
Freelance Lifestyle Blogger/Volunteer for CPAP 
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I don't have any connections with CPAP. My service is free. This blog is for charity purpose only. 

"BE GENEROUS, with your MONEY, your TIME and your HEART❤❤❤"....

Lovelots, Seraphimsnotes