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ALASKA: Bringing out the Child's passionate enthusiasm in Basketball!

Solidifying one's passion in sports is rooted not only on their ability to play. Child's passion is driven by others who influence them to learn how basketball  truly works,it is played by the heart.

A child's brain can be molded & can easily adapt & pick up new learnings especially if the knowledge is imparted with their role model such as their father,siblings or cousins.

It's ordinary for Filipino kids to love basketball with the fame of our all star PBA. Definitely, baguio kids has their own idol in NBA. Dreams to compete internationally and learned basketball skills with strength,confidence,consistency & accuracy.

Girls in Baguio at JrWNBA training camp

More Defense skills shown by JRWNBA 

JrNBA coaches trained ood shooting skills

During our stay in Baguio JrNBA/ JrWNBA basketball training camp,I witnessed the alertness,energy,enthusiasm & eagerness to learn from the participants.

Their outstanding willingness to learn some points on how they can enriched their skills. However, being a kid never fades way to enjoy life and play around. What I love most in this coverage which is sponsored by ALASKA, you can see the passion of basketball on their eyes,  like this 2 kids that I watched how they drive their moves, dribling, shooting skills and defensive attack.

Their names are:  Glenn Canda and Stephanie Ranio.

Stephanie Ranio
Stephanie, a 13 year old girl from Sicai Baguio is oneOf the Soccer player on her School. She just recently,transferred from their Soccer team into Basketball Varcity, it's been 1 yr, since,she played basketball on her team. It runs on her system that she loves sports. When, I talked to her, she's quite hesitant & shy. But, if you look in her eyes and watched how she played.

There's a certain power of action, a moves like a CHAMPION, like how ALASKA remodels an individual to stand up to be a WINNER on their life's journey. Upon, seeing how he defensively, get the ball from her opponents, how she shoot and make some lay-up. I can see her strong drive for basketball. How she passed the ball and how she like to take risk & eager to have points in the ring. I believe in her strength and valor, I know with her patience and perseverance, she can get far. It's a matter on how you believe in yourself like ALASKA who creates champions that reinforce confidence, hardwork & discipline.

Glenn Canda
This kid really amazed everyone which includes me. It's not how small you are, but, how big is your heart in BASKETBALL. Glenn has been playing basketball since he was 7 years old, his the youngest of her 2 lovely siblings. He loves basketball so much & he joined Baguio JrNBA to showcase his kills and learn more strategies on how he could play more confidently.

Like the dream plan of ALASKA, Nutrition, Action and CHAMPION. Glenn shows an incredible act of sportmanship and teamwork. As he drives himself to passed the ball on his team mates, on how he used his 3point skills to score for the team. His skills overpowers others by his alertness, speed and joyfullness inside the court. I see in his eyes, how he wanted to learn more about the basketball industry. His quite small in his age, but, just like other NBA legends who are not giants but they excel and become great champions in history. I believe this kid will reached his potential goals. He needs strength and confidence coming from ALASKA wherein they guide children to have a positive values and have an Active lifestyle thru Sports which you gained discipiline, valor and leadership skills.

 1st Day of JRNBA /JrWNBA photos for Pre-selection:
E-cow plays with Benguet JRWNBA

E-COW plays hard to get

665 JrNBA/ JrWNBA Baguio Participants

Baguio Participants with JRNBA Coaches

Amazing Baguio Kids Participants

Pre-selection for JRWNBA

Craig Brown announces 44 JrWNBA participants for DAY1

Imagine, hundreds of childrens participate to train at Regional Training camp for JrNBA meaning Filipino's has an outstanding love for this sports even Coach Craig brown was so surprised with the outcome. Also, I witnessed how pursuasive all the coaches are, patiently imparting their skills to this children. 

One thing that I love most on this event, as participants goes thru every level, thru dribling, lay out, footworks and shooting skills. All of them, properly fall in line, waiting their next turn. Smiling and making friends with everyone. Baguio JrNBA/ JrWNBA are the most sweetest and friendly participants I've ever talked with.
Their active and love to take pictures.

2nd Day of JrNBA / JrWNBA photos:

The Winners for Final League that will move forward to 
Manila National Training Camp for JrNBA/ JrWNBA
are as follows:

Vincent Madiwo
Sergz Quitaleg
Emmanuel Macaranas
Jan Zyrus De Ayre
Wrench Mason Roquid
Ric Ozner Gatuz

2 Girls named:
Treena Areola
Rae Jemima Caba

Jemima stated that "girls whose inspiring being part of JrWNBA should try their best in Basketball." Her inspiration in
Basketball was her Brother and Father. 
She's been playing badketball since
Grade3. Recently, she's on Grade 7, 
she's a varsity in her school As a Point Guard. 
Jemima is very happy to be chosen as one of the girls
Who will be included in Manila Training Camp for JrNBA.

Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself. Thru, ALASKA who fulfills every journey making their champions in reality.

Here are some fabulous photos of my ALASKA JrNBA/ JrWNBA
Coverage in BAGUIO:
From the Hotel, StrawberryFarm,Goodshepherd,
Benguet State University Baguio JrNBA Training Camp:

Thank you ALASKA for the memorable experience & for witnessing the happy faces of Baguio Kids who
Experience training with NBA coaches...


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