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“Creating Big Impact for HIV Positive Poster Tour de PIlipinas”

A drop of HIV-positive blood.

Would you step back and move away from it?

It's been one of the big issue in the World, on how to fight the dreadful virus HIV. Even,if there's no cure only prophylactic,it has a major effect on lives with people affected by it.

Indeed,I've been aware of it on how it was transmitted because I'm in Medical field as a PT. But,the stigma & discrimination it brings to all communities sounds alarming.

Upon attending this event,makes me realized a lot of things,an eye opener,to be grateful in life,appreciate every simple act of kindness and valuing the people that touches your heart,your FAMILY,Friends & loved-ones.

Seeing how positive,Faustine is, how he pull his strength from past experiences making a major changes in the society. Imparting the same valor,leadership & faith to those people encountering the same route he had is so admirable & inspiring.

Paying it forward for the benefit of mankind. Living testimony on how to adapt &  accept the reality,learning to live on the battle in a world of prejudice and illusion.


However, HIV epidemic in the Philippines has been described as “explosive,” with the fastest rate of increase in new HIV cases globally. While other countries have managed their HIV epidemics and are now witnessing a significant decline in the number of new cases, the Philippines has recorded sharply increasing rates of new infections.

An HIV awareness campaign that aims to reduce the stigma associated with HIV through the innovative HIV-Positive Poster will be holding its Tour de Pilipinas, visiting key sites in the country starting this February. The HIV-Positive Poster, which is one of the main features of the awareness campaign, is made with a drop of HIV-positive blood.

The HIV posters were originally developed by Grupo de Incentivo a Vida (GIV), a non-government organization based in Brazil. Made with a drop of blood donated by a person living with HIV (PLHIV), the posters carry messages that explain how HIV is transmitted, and underscore that people can NOT get HIV from the poster, or from casual contact with a PLHIV. The HIV-Positive Poster campaign has won international awards such as the Bronze Lion at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival – Press Category.  The poster was first released in Asia (in the Philippines) by Pedal for HIV, in partnership with GIV – Life Support Group.

Together with Victor Hugo De Silva, Representative for GIV-Life Support Group  from Brazil and  Faustine Luell T. Angeles Jr., founder of Pedal for HIV, will be travelling to key sites of the Philippines.

Tour de Pilipinas will have the following schedule:

Banaue – 16 February
Palawan –23 February
Cebu – 1 March
Boracay – 6 March
Iloilo – 10 March

Tour de Pilipinas, organized by Pedal for HIV and GIV, aims to:

Increase visibility of the HIV Positive Poster
Provide information on HIV
Empower the youth to became advocates
Reduce HIV stigma & discrimination

The good points of having knowledge on how it was transmitted and ways to prevent it minimizes your fear of allowance. Pulling all your  doubts,uncertainties & discriminative minds into zero percentage. Knowing that mingling with HIV victim cannot do you harm. However,in our modern world,others are cruel,insensitive & judgemental. But,let us remember,we are given one life to share and create one image of kindness,humility and love like our saviour given to all his children.

I share this mission,like Faustine and Victor to increase visibility of the HIV Positive Poster across the Phil. Archipelago,to provide HIV awareness and empower the social media netizens to stop discrimination and stigma against PLHIV's.

Imagine a city of people with one vision,creating impact to save lives!

Here are some photos of the Event: 

HIV Awareness Ambassador Daiana Me

For my answer to the question above, a big NO!

Simply, if your aware and has knowledge of the dreadful virus.
You will be able to determine in your heart and mind what's the proper and right action to mingle with a person having an
HIV.  Why would you be afraid to touch the poster which has an HIV Blood or even to be close with an HIV person? Are you afraid,that it might transmitted on you?
Let stigma and discrimination empty your mind, listen to talks
and campaigns. Be open to learn facts, listen to all their endeavors in life and be inspired to live life to the fullest.

Tour de Pilipinas is organized in partnership with The Red Whistle, an HIV awareness campaign that uses the arts and social media in its advocacy to normalize HIV and AIDS. Sponsored by Premiere Condoms, Spyder Philippines, Catch Restaurant, Hooch Bar, 2GO Travel, HOWWWL Digital, Hotel Centro, & GoPro.
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