Sunday, February 7, 2016

Exploring Venice Grand Canal in Philippine Version!

Visiting this romantic place after I was invited at S.H.Figuarts Open door Photo Shoot of avid Toy Collector last January 31,2016 at BGC, Taguig!!!!

It's been our plan to go here, since, it was open to the public.
Luckily, wish come true. I love Italy so much, aside that my name was originated in that country wherein my mom still there when I'm in her womb. One of my dream destination is Italy and France. I've enjoyed seeing pictures and movies of Venice.
How romantic seeing 2 couples riding in Gondola. 
If your a sweet and sentimental person like me.
Probably, you need to visit this place. 

The Fascade Photos:

Also, this place is a Food Haven. You can choose a variety of Restaurant. Ideal place for putting up a Date. While, strolling or riding the Gondola.

I thought the birds are included in the designs. Then, I figure out they're real...

Inside Photos of Venice Grand Canal:

Some photos with my loved-one, Aa:

What an amazing place!!! PHILIPPINE VERSION like in Macau or Venice...
So, for romantic people and explorers, visit this fabulous 
Venice Grand Canal Mall at Mckinley Hill.
Feel the presence of LOVE in the Air.
Cherished and be with the one you love.

Thank you for reading my blog as I explore Venice Grand Canal at Mckinley Hill!!!

Lovelots, #seraphimsnotes

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