Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ACER LAPTOP SERIES: Truly defines a Stylish and Modern Device that conquers a creative mind!!!

Acer Laptop Series:

How does a visual artists creates a magical surealism of hand painted art? 

How does an Architect draws an explicit architectural designs and infrastructure? 

How does a motivational & influential speaker develops confidence and great potential to attract people to understand their beliefs? 

Like a Device or a Tool, efficiency and quality should be consistent. The skills given thru various testing and trial are done for weeks or even years. Challenges and obstacles are overcome by giving various feedbacks and recommendations.

How do we conquer and face our daily struggles regardless from work, family or our dreams? 

Like a tool, right specifications and characteristic should be in accordance with mood, our lifestyle or even our whole being.  Acer let you choose from their variant laptop series that suits your style. 

 TravelMate B117

Technical Specifications:
• Power blink
• Color coded.
• The open angle of TravelMate B117 can reach up to 180°
• TMB117’s robustness and durability passed a series of rigid specifications for MIL-STD-810G military-grade test (Department of Defense Test Method Standard)
• Water-resistant keyboard. The water resistant area extends up to the touchpad and hinge frame.

  TravelMate P648

Technical Specifications:
• Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Magnesium Metal Cover
• Spill-resistant Design
• LED-backlit keyboard
• Face log-in
• Fingerprint reader
• NFC Tap Contact Pick-up
• LTE Support with Sim Slot

   TravelMate X3

• 180° flat angle
• Bigger, wider touchpad
• Chiclet LED backlit keyboard
• Touch fingerprint scanner

For a Executive, Writer, Travel Blogger and a Wanderer, here's the perfect series of a tool that is handy, with elegance and simplicity. A laptop that is easy to use, a friendly companion and has security features. Be grateful with this fantastic device that embraces the true meaning of travelling, its light and durable. 

Imagine loads of baggages in your back but with this affordable and less weight Acer Series, you can bring it inside a messenger bag. 

In Millineal times, where, everything is fast pace , where everything is just one click away. Thru, Acer Lap Top Travel Mate Series, you can create magnificient apps, search for SEO & marketing tool wherever you go. Each adventure and places you visit will be a memorable one. Each art museum you visited, even grafitti walls you have taken beautiful shots and each big crown audiences you engaged with.

Using, Acer Travel Mate Laptop, you have your own Travel Mate companion, you can save every moments & pictures instantly. You can write a beautiful blog journey that displays the true meaning of life and majestic landscapes. 

Travelling and Working can be everywhere while using ACER Travel Mate Series!!!!! Your Companion in your Life's journey.

ACER TRAVEL MATE Series is the best laptop for a little Traveller in You!!!

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