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FPJ Ang Probinsyano celebrates 1st year Anniversary at the Big Dome!!!

What makes the televiewers fell in love with this Teleserye? Some says its because, its based with the previous Fernando Poe Jr. Movie, Ang Probinsyano, and FPJ has been their idol eversince he was alive. They watched every action teleserye at night, because it's reminds them how good and how fast FPJ picks up the Gun and killed all the villain instantly. Like how Cardo bravely fights back all the criminals. 

But, some watched the Primetime Ang Probinsyano because of the Lead Actor named Coco Martin, the handsome, hottest Actor and humble guy in Showbizness. Eventhough, there are a lot of reasons why people having a big interest of Ang Probinsyano. It boils to one thing, the cinematograpy & the story plot of the Teleserye, mirrors the daily living of Filipino's, it shows how we value our families ,respects and honor our justice system. Filipino see themselves on the teleserye they watched. How brave and how resilient Filipino are, in terms of having troubles and challenges in life. We never seem to give up. That is because Filipino's never lose hope. We have big faith in God that no matter what happens, he will be there and Goodness will always prevail in the end. 

Every plot gives us lessons to be a better person, re-route our old ways. It gives us information and tips to protects ourselves againsts bad people who dwells on violence, cruelty and criminality. Even though, sometimes, people chooses a wrong path that can harmed others. But, in the end , we continue to be who we are, we strive to be a better version of ourselves and we let others see in our eyes that being compassionate, loyal and trustworthy are the keys to bring peace and love in each one's heart. 

I'm very grateful & thankful, I was able to witnessed  last October 8, 2016, the First Anniversary of FPJ Ang Probinsyano at Araneta Center Coliseum with my Aunt Angelina Regino, those tickets are gifts coming from his Son Nico, my cousin. My Aunt invited me together with Tita Thelma to watched the concert. We are so delighted to be with her and see all the casts of Ang Probinsyano. 

We came earlier,to avoid rush hour We see numerous people lining up. Its easy for us because my Aunt is already Senior Citizen, so, we are in priority lane plus our tickets holds Patron. We just waited few minutes to went inside while, I'm looking for Tita Thelma. As the show starts up, we can hear all the crowds screaming so loudly especially the Upper Box, where some fans of hottest love team of Jadine and Mclisse expressing all their admiration through loud noises & banners.

What I loved most of this concert, you can sense their sincerity and love for their work and audiences. I can sense in Coco Martin's words as he speaks passionately, he says thank you to all his fans and loyal Ang Probinsyano Televiewers with deepest gratitude and humility.. That is why people loved him. Thats why we love Ang Probinsyano Casting. Their filled with compassionate heart, all their hard work as a team brings the authenticity and beauty of each scenario. Aside from it, Coco Martin is truly a kind-hearted soul who helps people in need. May our dear Lord blessed you with abundant blessings so you can share more to our less fortunate brothers behind the scene. Happy Birthday Coco Martin, my Ang Probinsyano Lead Actor and one of my fave actor in Entertainment World. I wished I could meet you personally. 

Furthermore, ang Probinsyano never forgets to say tribute for the only King of Movies, Fernando Poe Jr. Its a heartfelt moment seeing Coco Martin sing a song to Susan Roces, while, FPJ movies are in the background. You can feel the love and humility inside. 

Various performances are made, the dance number of Ang Probinsyano Boys vs the Hashtags, truly, Araneta rocks with heavy shouting of fans. I love their dance performance showdown. It was a blasts seeing the Ang Probinsyano Boys "Giling to the Max".  

There are a lot of guests who came to celebrate with their anniversary, the Jadine Loveteam, James and Nadine sings Till I met You, their Teleserye, Vice Ganda showdown vs Aura, its so fabulous, their magnificiently good and funny, even,  Angel Locsin, Zanjo Marudo & Sam Milby of Third Party came in to serenade Araneta. 

But, the most touching part of the Concert, when, Gary Valenciano sing the Ang Probinsyano theme song, "Huwag ka ng Umiyak". Wherein, every cast, artists and team slowly goes infront of the stage to say, thank you to all the Televiewers, Araneta People and their Fans.  I'm so delighted, I have an opportunity to witnessed this memorable moment of FPJ, Ang Probinsyano 1st Year Anniversary Concert. 

Once more, Congratulations and more power to all the Casts , Artists and Crew of FPJ,Ang Probinsyano. More power and continue being a good role model to all Filipino Families. More heartfelt stories and Lessons in Life that can bring Filipino Nation work as one.For good welfare and safety of all  Filipino people. 

Here are some Videos of the Anniversary Concert:

Thank you for reading my blogexperience of FPJ Ang Probinsyano 1st year Anniversary Concert!!

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Host: Robi Domingo