Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Story Behind Seraphimsnotes!!!

Oftentimes,people ignore the existence of Angels. They don't know that they are  living here in purpose. Mankind  may not be aware of it but I'm telling you. They do exist and infact their in multitudes meaning trillions that we can never imagined. Their only purpose in the universe is to praise & serve God. To follow God's direction & his commands for the goodness of all God's creations. is created for the main reason. I want everyone to know that ANGELS do exist. I have lots of encounters that is so wonderful, surprising and unbelievable. I'll be telling you one through this blog notes.
By the way, for your knowledge Seraphim is a Six Winged Angel. Is that so amazing, if an Angel has two wings to save a little child what more a six winged angel can do.

I do love ANGELS so much,i love their child like cherubin features. I find joy & contentment  upon looking at them that is why I have 100 plus Angel Figurines plus Angels Books. Their light brings peace within me & to everyone.

Seraphimsnotes is a blog wherein I expresses all my emotions towards situations, experiences of my daily lives,my daily struggles, failures, love mishap, family stories, ANGEL encounters,religious church visits, PR event launching, health, sports and new technology products endorsements. But,most of all, I wanna share my spiritual journey and going places especially with serene ocean, beautiful mountain landscapes and blue skies. It's like being commune with our savior.

However, People do sometimes forget the roots on how all things started. Sometimes, due to busy schedules, priorities, digital blogging opportunities, travel leisure and social media browsing. You forgot what's really important in your life.

Seldom, you forgot to take care God's gift which is thyself. Seraphimsnotes will be writing an inspiring notes as a reminder for God's love to us.

One important thing is the relationship with our creator. His always been in your side. All you need is to ask,knock and you will recieve. But,ofcourse, it should be in accordance with his WILL. People should give time to praise and pray. It's the only gear you have for life's madness and stress. Yes, indeed, I'm guilty of it. But,I'm trying to keep on the track. A simple,hello and small talks to our father is a big joy for him.

Here is one of my big ANGEL Encounters story that I had kept for a long time.


Some wouldn't believe, but after you read this,you will feel goosebumps,if you did.Your ANGEL is beside you.

It's way back 2014, ill be accompanying my aunt to go to Pangasinan to fixed some land issues. We ate at Baclaran chowking,I already aware of the old man outside the glass windows of the fastfood. His so weak but I can sense his inner glow.He went inside, sat near our table. We give him food but he only like a glass of water. He told us he came from province. His a farmer who came from Nueva Ecija, their protesting with the high prices of fertilizers for Dept. Of Agriculture. He told me, he just walked from QC to Baclaran. He was so pale and looking so tired with a long walked. My tita gave him a little money. He went outside, I know his just standing in front of us behind the glass window. So, we decided to go outside bec. We have a long way trip ahead of us. Suddenly, the man is no where to find. I looked at the street. I can't see him anywhere. His too old and slow walker so, he can't get too far that easily. But, he just dissapeared in thin air. Then, I felt goosebumps around me. Do you feel it too right now?

We continued our trip in Pangasinan, actually, its quite dangerous because we went their to assists/support my tita bec. One of his relatives grab their lot from his late husband. But, I know during our journey, there's a strong and powerful divine being who has been guiding and protecting us from any harmed because inside the bus there's a brown & beautiful butterfly and it flew into my hands. So, I know in my heart, we are protected. Indeed, our mission is successful. Thank God, he sent Angels to bring light and love to all the people that we had converse during that day. 

About the Mysterious Farmer, after, he shown up and dissapeared. A media news black out propagating in the Phil. regarding the lost of funds for the Rice Industry and fertilizers echoed the whole archipelago, its a big controversy that had been discussed during Senate Hearing. Is that a premonition from an Angel? Is he an Angel? Perhaps, Indeed, he is. 

Angels Quotes:

*"ANGELS can look just like us,or they can appear like nothing on earth.

*"Keep your good deeds for others a secret, just as your Angel works behind the scenes in your own life"

*"Give thanks for the Angels  every time you have to climb the stairs. They're probably climbing with you."

*"When we follow the inspirations of our Angels they direct our steps towards God."

*"Be an ANGEL  to someone else whenever you can , as a way of thanking God for the help your Angel has given you."

*"An ANGEL is a sign of God's constant care & compassion."

Thank you for reading my simple 
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