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BIG MK.PH: The Newest Online Selling Platforms for Filipino & Chinese Merchants!!!!

There are numerous Online Selling Platforms that is available digitally. Thru Online Marketing, Business propagates across the Digital World. It is much faster, simple and handy to buy and sell online. Various Sellers and Buyers are now engaged in online business marketing.

Some platforms helps your revenues increase thru adds and sponsor.  But, definitely, you need to pay them to market your products online. Either, you patiently post your items or they are the one who will manage your online advertisement.

But, here's the good news to online sellers, both local and chinese merchants. I've attended last Oct. 12, 2016 at Bay Leaf Hotel Intramuros, the Official launch of the latest Online Platform called Big, the Philippines’ first commission-free online marketplace, is making its presence felt in a big way in the online local market. is engaged for business starters and well-known entrepreneurs to open up their stores and outsource their products and services for free.

The launch presented the features of BIGMK that sets it apart from the other local online marketplace, including its commission-free service to entrepreneurs, who want to reduce their capital expenditures while aiming to increase their revenues.

The event was attended by various Chinese and Filipino merchants, as well as guests from the media.

Mr. Noelle Enriquez, COO Of Big MK.PH
The guests were welcomed by Noelle Enriquez, chief operating officer and head of sales of BIGMK. He talked about the features of BIGMK, and the company’s mission and vision in helping the entrepreneurs outsource their products online for free.

Mr. Michael Jan Menzon, Digital Marjeting Expert
The event also had Michael Jan Menzon, e-commerce and digital marketing professional, who talked about how the innovation of technology affected the global market and the industry of retailing goods and services; Cliq n Ship Representative Red Diaz on how technology changed the way of catering their customers’ needs.

On the question and answer part of the event, Mr. Enriquez and Ms. Joanna Tan, head of account management, clarified all the concerns from the media and the merchants.

Mr. Jack Lee, Chinese Interpreter
In able to understand the presentation by the Chinese merchants, the event was interpreted into Chinese language by Mr. Jack Lee.

Other Photos of the Big Launch:

The Chinese and Filipino Merchants
Guests for the Big MK.PH Launch

Please visit their website:

This is the only Online Selling Platforms that unites both
Filipino and Chinese Merchants. 
Chinese People is known for their strength in Business.
Together with it develops a strong ties
Of helping each Business grow hand in hand. 
Filipino and Chinese Online Sellers together as one.

About was founded by Francis Que “Guo Wei Hao,” the owner of Mars Kingdom Bikes at Quezon Blvd., Quiapo, Manila, on June 2016. His knowledge and experience as a market leader in the cycling industry inspired him to venture in online selling and shopping center. The company aims to provide a single online marketplace for products and services bridging local retailers with its consumers.

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