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Cyber Power: A Brand that can power up the whole community!!!

When, it comes to Power-Up! There's two words that comes in my mind, Mario Bro's Game and Light Bulb! If your're going to asks the reason why, its because in the game,you need to collect the big mushroom to power up your strength to continue the game for more lives. However, I remember the word, light bulb because long time ago during my interview someone asked me this question, "what do you think, how many light bulbs can light up the whole nations?" I was so surprised that I stared at him so blankly. But, later on. I was able to find some answers, if ill go back with that interview, this will be my answer,  "it will be dependent on the supply and demand of people needing those light bulbs,  its within the capacity of the manufacturer  to supply or reproduced needed light to brighten the whole nation or even country.  So, I believe, I might have that Job but, if its not meant to be, it serves its purpose as a good experience.

Like Cyber Power, every machinery or device has a certain purpose, it has rationale why it is created. I believe that Cyber Power is beneficial to Businesses, Government and Education establishments. It can truly power up our problems with recent or future black-outs. It will serve as a reserve energy for our office energy consumption.

CyberPower (EPS, UPS) is well known as the No. 1 in DC/AC Mobile Power in North America, No. 1 in Telecom DC UPS worldwide, No. 2 UPS Brand in the North American Retail Market , No. 3 in 5KVA UPS & below in the American Market 102 patents across US, Germany, Taiwan & China. Also, Cyber Power is a Multi-awarded and internationally recognized device.

Features Of Cyber Power 

Cyber Power Models

Run time Table
When you say, EPS, its Emergency Power System that produces electricity during brownouts and blackouts, it is a continuous power supply that generate appliances or device at your home or office premises.

Here are the following Characteristics of EPS: 

 a} Battery-powered
 b} Noiseless
 c} Pure sine wave output
 d} Auto changeover
 e} Multi-function LCD readout
 f}  Manual switch
 g} Movable

Usage of Cyber Power

Other Usage of Cyber Power

Facts: Here's  the Difference between Usage of Cyber Power Vs Generator:


CYBER POWER:  No Fuel Needed   
GENERATOR: Fuel Needed


CYBER POWER: Noiseless
GENERATOR: Noisy Sound


CYBER POWER: Yes, it has Auto Change Over        GENERATOR: No Change Over


CYBER POWER:  Yes , it has Sine wave output       GENERATOR: No, Sine wave Output

CYBER POWER:Compatible with Generator
GENERATOR:Compatible with Cyberpower EPs

Take note of this, CYBER POWER UPS Units offers a guaranteed power protection for your deskstop, office work stations, routers, modems and even gaming consoles. It provides greater protection in surge currents and a good source of battery back-up. Every UPS or EPS is covered with 5 Years Warranty. A great deal for business and IT solutions enterprises. 

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CYBER POWER, A Power Up Device for a Powerful & Prestigious Company.

Video Glimpse of Cyber Power

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