Monday, January 25, 2016

Celebrating Paradizoo Festivity with Natures Gratitude!!!

Farm Blogging 101: There's a Paradise in Agriculture!

I've been planning to visit Paradizoo since last yr because I heard so many nice & educational info. regarding the place. Quite,too busy with my transitional phase. So,I decided this 2016,will be the right yr. That's why I grab the chance for the Invitation of Pinoy Blogger Ms. Grace Nicolas c/o Zoomanity Group to cover the Paradizoo Power of Three Festival (Veggie,Livestock & Floral) with CEO,Mr. Robert Yupangco.

Thankful and so blessed to tour the Paradizoo Farm this 2016. Way to start a year surrounding with nature & farm animals.

Seraphim is coming from a night shift.No enough sleep. But,I know it will be fun filled saturday. I meet my special someone Aa at Imus Intersection. We will ride a tagaytay bus, wandering around,asking bus conductor to drop us at the crossing in Tagaytay. Then,he told us to take trycycle, for commuters this is the other way around. Trycycle fee will be 150pesos.  Either,you take Mendez Bus and take a trycycle,again.

For Private Vehicles,go straight at Mendez. Asked some Cavitenos,where  Paradizoo Farm is,its inside heart of Mendez.

We arrived much earlier as I expected. So, seeing upclose with the CEO/Owner of Paradizoo Farm,Mr. Robert Yupangco,with his future business partners,discussing future plans in Rabbit Breeding and the future of Paradizoo Farm. I was fascinated and over-whelmed. Also,I met Ms. Myra,one of the trusted caretaker of the Farm.

While,waiting for the Blogger Media group arrived. I'm quite fascinated with the 2 giant Dogs statue in front of the Paradizoo Caffee. Are their Guardians? Perhaps, they are!!

However, the Paradizoo staff offers us a Paradizoo's so healthy and delicious. So,natively tasteful with a cremier coffee thats suits my tastebuds being a coffee lover..

The festivity started with the cutting of ribbon with the CEO,Sir Robert. As we walked around, to make the festival joyful,it started with A Paradizoo Monkey Dance 2016.

We tour around the Paradizoo,seeing lots of live farm animals..Various children would love this place. Very much recommended for Educational Fieldtrips for live interaction of Farm creatures.

Animal encounter seeing not only in books but in real life scenario.

Then,upon trekking,we passed by The Flower Garden,The Meditation Garden,Ecletic Garden,Honey Bee and Butterfly House.

Colorful and scintillating flowers & green leafy plants surrounding the farm. But, What I love most is the lavender flowers,it blooms vibrantly.

Surrounding the big hectares of farm are tall trees,pineapple,lettuce,vertical garden of vegetable plants, calamansi & many more.

Also, hand-crafted bonsai,shaped with expertise with the Bonsai Expert from Tarlac University named Atish.

At the Top of the Farm,there's a big covered venue,ideal for seminars and for wedding ceremony,over looking of all the plants and tree's below. Cool breeze of Air and pinch of light shade of sunrays. A perfect place to get married with a farm wedding theme with banig & breakfast meal at the Meditation Garden in the morning. With a reception at the Paradizoo Gazebo with overlooking at the Pond, various orchids and Zipline course.

What a Farm Adventure!!! Celebrating the Power Of Three at Paradizoo Farm in Mendez Cavite rejuvinates your system.
Fresh Air,Organic food and friendly&lively farm animals.

Fun-filled saturday with nature's best creations. Scintillating & bright colorful flowers that enerize your eye senses.

Knowledgeable insights for agriculture investment regarding planting in a pot of soil. Taking time to be grateful for our food in the plate while,digging and harvesting nutritious vegetables. Investing livestocks for future usage.

Imparting to little ones,the value of Agriculture in human.
Giving importance with the creations of our dear Lord.

Paradizoo Farm is one of the happiest place in the earth where you can feel your like in the Garden of Eden with our creator.

So,visit Paradizoo Farm and experience Farm Life. Relax and leave your busy life in Metro.  Save the Date...Bring back the Farm Kid in YOU@@@

Join the Festivity until March 2016 every weekends!!!
"Power of Three Festival at PARADIZOO FARM,MENDEZ CAVITE"

Thanks for reading my Farm Blog about PARADIZOO!! 

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