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Seraphims Food Review101: My 1st Bite of An Ostrich Meat

If you're looking for a new and distinct place to visit and taste of flavoring meal in town, - "THE OSTRICH FARM" is worth checking out.

At The Ostrich Farm, they offers comfort food favorites with a fresh new twist of dining. They serve juicy burgers, sumptous pasta dishes, hearty chill nachos & salads with 100% pure Ostrich Meat straight from the Ostrich Farm, so, you'll know what goes on each and every plate they serve.

Also, for young kids at heart. They will enjoy the variety of chicken wings to suit all taste buds.  

The Ostrich Farm is one of the brands owned and managed by the Soguilon Foods Corporation which is established & founded in 2010 by young driven enterpreneur Ms. Kristine Soguilon.

Today, SFC is the major stockholder & operator of various food labels such as: Garage 88, Banquet Catering, Oinky's & SFC Depot.
The corporation is spearheaded by Founder, Chairwoman & CEO, Mrs, Kristine Soguilon-Lim together with husband, Mr. Jaime Jasper Lao Lim(President) and Ms. Frances Margaret L. Medina (Chief Executive Manager) along with people who are skilled & knowledgeable in food industry.

Imagine, savoring an Ostrich Dish is like tasting a distinguished & amazingly flavorful gourmet. It's a lean meat taste like similar to beef. A Red meat with characteristic of a poulty meat and with a low fat content. A subsitute for Red & White meat, ideal for a healthy living lifestyle.   

Some cooking tips for Ostrich Burger Frying: 

       Fry it for approximately 6-8 minutes each side under a low
       Heat. Ensure burger is cooked all the way out. Try not to
       Over-cooked it, so, it won't dry out.

Here are some flavorful menu that The Ostrich Farm offers:

The Farm Salad
Price: 288 Pesos

Saplicao with Ostrich Meat 
Price: 388 Pesos

The Sunrise Burger
Price: 448 pesos

Price:  378 pesos

I'm a Pasta Lover, So, when, this Dish was serve. I've instantly tried to taste it. What makes me excited, it's because the meat balls is made off Ostrich Meat. 

Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings
Price: 228 Pesos

This is one of my fave menu at The Ostrich Farm. Definitely,
It will be one of the best-seller with a blend of sweet honey flavore. All kids would love this wings. 

The Farmers Nachos
Price: 138 Pesos

People who loves Nachos would crave for the Dips.
It has a distinguished taste that you wanna Dip for more.

Deserts in a Jar flavors includes:
Halo-Halo, Mango Float , Wild Berries Chocolate 
Orange Pudding & 


Peach Float
price: 88 pesos/each flavor
I've tasted Tiramisu and Peach Float, their sweetness
Just blended just right. You will crave for more than just 1 jar.

Detox Water
Price: 188 Pesos

Here are some beverages to replenish your thirst.
Fresh Juices, Shakes, Coffee & Sodas

For Health conscious individual who in favors for 
Detoxification this beverage is the right one for you.

Detox Water contents: Basil Mint leaves, Cucumber, Lemon,
Apple/Green Apple, Rasberry, BlueBerry & Orange

The Mind behind The Ostrich Farm:

Frances Margareth L. Medina (Chief Executive Manager) , Ms. Rhia (Marketing Rep. Of Open Rice) & Kristine S. Lim (CEO of The Ostrich Farm, Amazing ladies with a beautiful heart.

Here are some photos inside The Ostrich Farm:

This is my plate, mixed food from The Ostrich Farm Menu.

Some Ostrich Nutritional facts to read and swallow!!!

Thanks so much to The Ostrich Farm for the Invites. 
We enjoyed the tasteful Ostrich Dishes.

Visit The Ostrich Farm located at Blue Bay Macapagal Ave.
Experience An Ostrich dining with your
Family, Friends and Loved-ones.
It's once in a lifetime that you eat an Ostrich Bird Meat.

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Thank you so much for reading my First Seraphims Food Review101 Blog at 2016!

Thank you to Opensnap and Openrice for the
Delightful Eat's A Date Experience.
More power and I'll continue to support
Your advocacy to feature good & healthy food.

Dine your Heart out with The Ostrich Farm!!

Fly and experience the best dish of an Ostrich Meat!!!

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