Friday, January 29, 2016

My Hot Air Balloon Festival Experience: A weekend that everything flies!!

Last 2012, I was transferred in Gen. Aviation Operations Division as a Airport Operation Asst. and designated as Division Secretary, signing all incoming contracts & documents to various genav concessionaries.

That is the year, I've been exposed to chartered flights, helicopters, runway & ramp monitoring. Also,that is where I've started dreaming in going to Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Pampanga. I even got a free passes given by the sponsored Air Adds. 

Sadly,no one accompanied me due to busy schedules. For 4yrs in waiting, last Feb.14,2015. Finally, my wish come true. I bought a ticket at Air Adds Hangar for 350 pesos/ each. I'll be bringing along my bestfriend Aa & The rest is history.

I love out of town trips so riding a bus gives me no problem. We ride a Victory Liner in Pasay routed to Dagupan. Our drop point is at Dau Exit. From there,where going to stay in a Hotel.

So, We could watch the festivity. I love seeing planes,maybe,that's the reason why I love Hot Air Balloon so much. Imagine,it takes hours just to set-up a balloon in the air. How much hardwork & perseverance of the owner just to set it up to fly it in the air. With attractive,colorful and unique designs that makes the festival so lively and inspiring.

Great job for PIHABF Event Director Capt. Joy Roa & to all their high skilled experience aviators committee members. However,
Their mission is to bring back Philippine Aviation Industry in a good standing in the International Community. 

Here are some photos of this event:

To All my Genav friends , Sir Chin & Ms. Aying who knows how I really wanted to go there, who supported me to push to experience this event. Thank you, I know your happy for me while, Seeing my pics in FB.. Hope, to attend this wonderful event this year.  Miss you, guys...

What I love most this festivity, the unique designs of the balloons,  the paragliding events of all international gliders, the Parachute event and the drifting of the cars, i love the noise of the tires especially, when, their drifting.

Love the place, the bonding of families and the picnics in the ground of all different people, smiling and doing kite flying with their little ones... wonderful get together for the whole family.

We stayed their until night time bec. Its ordinary that you see hot air balloon flying in the morning but what amazed me, its much beautiful when you see hot air balloon glowing at night. Its so fabulously, amazing.

So, Guys and my fellow bloggers, If you haven't experience attending this event. Grab the chance this coming February 11-14, 2016 , A Weekend that everything Flies.

More pictures at my Hot Air Balloon Clark Pampanga getaway;:

Experience and join us,  The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held at Clark Pampanga... 

Visit their website:  for their scheduled program events & online tickets...

Also, you can buy tickets at Air Adds Hangar , Andrews Avenue At Pasay City Time: 9am to 4pm Contact No.: 8512450

For inquiries for Hot Air Balloon Rides or Skydiving Rides email: Alex Abraham at or Aaron at


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