Thursday, January 7, 2016

Visiting the Miraculous Medal Church

Year 2015 had given me a rollercoaster ride.
If I recall every experiences and lessons. I've learned, it's been a great journey filled with big decisions, moving on and accepting new challenges and environment.

There's one moment in my life that all are trembling down that I'm so lost that I've found someone who leads my way to Papa Jesus & Mama Mary & from that moment on, my life changed.

A Friend bring me at San Vicente De Paul Parish in Adamson University Manila where our Lady of Miraculous Medal was situated. Wherein, I've cried or poured
my heart out, all the heartaches, failures/dissapointments in
Life, wrong decisions, frustrations 
at work,sadness, grief, worries & anxiety.
Enormous tears fell on my cheeks, strong
burst of emotions coming out in 
my heart, all the loneliness, pity & stupid 
actions. I told everything to Papa God
and Mama Mary.

I've prayed to let all the pain go in my heart,
That I've learned to forgive others & myself and to bring back the real me. The joy I felt when I'm still a child. When, life is not complicated & life is simple back then, when, my mom still alive.
I've prayed to make me strong and be confident as before. Simply, be happy & 
provide me the things that I needed to be
able to grow, be a good daughter and
follow his footsteps.

Sometimes, we felt that we are alone in the 
battle of life. Oftentimes, we are too weak 
and we kept on asking him, why?
Without really knowing, who really we are or either, we are blinded to accept 
our weaknesses and forget our strength.
When, too much burden or problems occur in our life. In no where, you can find a MIRACLE!  There is someone we can rely on. Even, some has difficulty on talking to him but, have you ever wondered. 
Have you asked yourself, why you managed to stand up and face life. The reason 
Why, it's because 
He never leave you like he did to me.
When, I feel so lonely. When, my mom died. During my lowest times, As I visit this Parish every Saturday.
I've find peace, my tears became lessen & my pain slowly heals. 

When, you stare at her Mama Mary & prayed to her son, Papa Jesus.
You can hear them whispering in your
Heart & Soul telling you, 
they love you and they will NEVER leave You. During those times, that's what I 
believe in. That there's no problem or sickness that can't be healed.
If you have faith in Him.

I cannot explain, the transformation that  happened to me. But, As the days goes by, you will felt the glow in your system.
If your reading this blog,
Try to visit this parish church, 
sit in front and stare at the 
eyes of Mama Mary pour your heart out.
Tell every single emotions that you have
inside your heart and pray 
to our dear  Papa Jesus.
Experience the serenity of the place.
Feel God's presence.One thing 
that I want you to do is to Put your hand 
near your heart and cry.

A Miracle starts within you. 

"oh, Mary conceived without sin,
Pray for us who have recourse to thee."

I'm wearing a Miraculous medal pendant necklace. You can also buy it inside their
Novelty Item Shop. There's a Parish Priest who can blessed it.
I always carry it in my heart. It serves my
Guidance and protection.

To know more about the Miraculous Medal 
Of Immaculate Concepcion

I hope, it will inspired you to visit this 

Thank you for reading this
Miraculous Medal Church Blog!

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