Thursday, January 7, 2016

Creating Habits that transforms Individual to be the Best Version of thyself!!!

Do you believe in what you called Wind Spirit? 
An enormous pull of winds, a bizzare
force like gravity on a particular place
 wherein your spirit whispers that you need to be there,
it's like your heart is leading you to be on that exact time & day.
Some called it serendipity. But, I believe everything 
happens for a reason. It's like an Angel 
guiding me and lighting my path towards wisdom & understanding of beyond what I've expected for.
That there's a big purpose why
I need to attend this guest workshop of Mike Grogan entitled
"Creating habits that will transform your life".

Mary invited me to join this fabulous event. She's the marketing side for social media for Best Of You. 
Even, I'm just a newly hired in my call center job, no enough
sleep and still adjusting with night shift. I kepy my
Mind focus that I need this workshop. I force my brain to 
dictate my system to attend this motivational workshop 
because my heart tells me that I really need to hear
some inspiring and encouraging words.

It never fails when you listen to your heart. 
Your intuition and spirit will follow towards
enlightenment, joy & serenity.

So, I've join the 40 Day Habit Formation Workshop
that creates powerful habits that transform the best
version of yourself.

Creating habits can break or make you as a person. But, it depends in your WILL POWER & PERSEVERANCE.
Test yourself. Challenge yourself. Know yourself, FIRST. Then,
Your GOal is your REALITY!
SHare and spread your knowledge.
Learn to give and exposed your confident
And beautiful heart like Ms. PIA (Ms. Universe 2015)

Mike Grogan & Ruben, Inspirational speaker...

My Group Success Partners namely:
Yaz, Tony, Dec, Ann & Chard

Group Selfie Pictures with all Succes Partners Participants!!!


"If you don't have peace, it isn't because someone took it from
You; you gave it away. You cannot always control what happens
To you, but you can control what happens to you."-john maxwell

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are 
Challenge to change ourselves."-Victor Frankl

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