Saturday, June 18, 2016

Celebrate Daddy's Day Out at U.P.Town Center and meet your favorite Artist Entrepreneur!!

Listen up Guys, read very carefully. Are you looking for a place to celebrate Father's Day? To have quality time with Dad and the whole Family. On the other hand, Is your Daddy, a type of guy who loves to taste new delightful foods and treats? Is your Dad has a sweet tongue craving for deserts or a type of Dad whose conscious of his well-being? Lastly, a Dad whose star fanatics or maybe, your mom perhaps.

I have a good news, I found a right place for you this weekend.

Visit: U.P.TOWN CENTER in Katipunan, QC


Join us, as we celebrate DADDY'S DAY OUT, an Open Kitchen to try new yummylicious deserts, ice cream, cakes and many more. 

I've been here today, you won't believe I met Ms Janice De Helen, my mom look alike. Oh, I missed my mom. Anyways, she's one of the stars you will meet in this food market. There are a lot of merchants who serves new brand names includes: coffee, drinks, ice cream and many more. There are food tasting on some booths.So, you can choose the right snacks your going to bring home or even crave to taste it immediately. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Crafty Creamery, yummy deserts!!

For your sweet tooth, Wizy Cakes & Pastries

my fave cashew milk

You can create your own sandwich at Sevilla & Sons

I love lemon it detoxifies your whole body. Also, my favorite cashew nuts milk, new blend taste of drinks, natural flavor and chocolate. This booth, guaranteed you'll come back over and over again. Try Crafty Creamery, one of the best seller, affordable, you bet its difficult to finish the whole glass. Don't forget to drop by Wizy Cakes & Pastries, I love the yema cake in a bottle. Lastly, Sevilla & Sons, for your "Baon" tips for sandwiches for the kids. You wouldn't missed to taste this sausage on your sandwiches.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your DADDY'S OUT in the house...Have a bite or dessert at OPEN KITCHEN in U.P. Town Center this weekends....

More Photos at DADDY'S DAY OUT with other merchants/entrepreneurs:

Definitely, you will fall in love with

Be Beautiful with Ara's Secret

Love this Booth coz Janice De Belen is a look alike
Of my Mom. I found a good piece of clothing on her
Super Janice Closet... 

Jewelry is a girl's favorite thing. 
In Eightria Manila, you can find precious jewelry to wear on.  I love the Eiffel Tower Necklace.

If you have a green thumb, this cute little cactus
is meant for you by Green House Project. Cute decor for
your office desk and house table....

For me, this is the most star studded booth in the Open Kitchen. I'll tell you why, simply, look at his photos.

His name is Tatay Romy, a father who joins open kitchen to
sell a simple clothing used in the kitchen named "Tatay Romy Apron" , it's only 50 pesos. But, for me, his craft is majestic because as he sew each apron, he sew it with his pure heart of gold. Each thread and cloth symbolizes Love for his FAMILY. A father who performs his responsibility, a dad to be proud of.

Simply, tatay romy is like an anchor which hold us back nor sail , but he definitely, take us there to be a guiding light with his unfailing love for his children.

It's his day, its #DADDY'S DAY OUT  for Tatay Romy at
Open Kitchen...a celebrity dad in my heart!!!

So, Get advantage of the Artist who take their own skills on next level by being an Entrepreneur. Support them and don't forget your stick for selfie or groufie with the whole family....

Thank you for reading my blog! So, thankful and amazed with my 1st Open Kitchen at UP Town Center. New place, new event & new food adventure only at OPEN KITCHEN by Project101.

Also, thank you for RHEA GENERICS products and Walter Bread for all the tokens that we received.... with "RHEA Generics, mataas na kalidad sa abot kayang halaga!!!!"

Thank you for the invites Open Kitchen!!!
More power!! Congratulations in advance.