Monday, June 27, 2016

My 1st YummyEats Baon Blow-Out 2016 At Glorieta

What comes in your mind, when you heard the word "baon"? Definitely, it's recess time, back to school or special snack. However, baon signifies  hardship & sacrifice of my mom to prepare baon for us.  I remembered her, waking up so early, just to cook breakfast and that special baon with affection and care. I can sense her love and sacrifice as a mother to bring good food in the table.

So, I decided to experienced the Yummy Eats Baon Blow-Out 2016 this June 4, 2016 at Glorietta Activity Center. To gain more knowledge to prepare snacks for my niece and to explore new interesting YummyEats delights.

Here are some Delightful YummyEats Baon 2016 Food Concessionaries:

Love this delightful Takopop Takoyaki! So, tasteful!
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If you want new dressings in your salad, try this
Salata...New blend of taste for your veggie salad.
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I've tried this bread from Retro DCG-FM.
taste so good..
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Try this new bento style for your kids.
Art is fun.
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A mouth watering beef for burger fanatics!
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My fave booth and deserts at YummyEats
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What a crunchy cookies at Four Eyed Delights
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People who loves organics, try this Organic Champorado.
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Try this new spreads of nuts and butter
From Made by Max PH
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For Indian Menu delights, a spicy and rich herbs. 
Dine at Naan Modern Indian Bar
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I feel in love with the taste of the Eiffel macaroons
By Indulge Patisserie
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I can eat pasta all day...So, when, I encounter
Super Tuyo Pasta, I wouldn't missed this one.
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New Modern Dish Washing to capture your home.
Only at Cusina
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Daiso Japan with their lovely promodizer,
Japanese Girl with kimono

One of the sponsors of YummyEats,
the Unipak

The Event was filled with Mommy's, Kids & some barkada bonding who wants to try new delightful snacks.

Cooking Demo to prepare Bento for your kids. Simple, delicious and healthy food.

Look at my plastic black plate, I did tried to taste it all, but, they're too many to handle, hahah! So, take a glance of my plate, food tasting starts now!!!!

Everything is green!!!!

                     It's all about nuts, cakes & veggie snacks.

Tuyo Pasta, cakes, cookies & many more...

More delighful food snacks from  new concessionaries!

It's easy to make this snack, 
roll the bread after you spread 
   The cheese and the bacon.....
slice it! Then, put a toothpick.

Here's one of my favorite strawberry icecream
From Daiso Japan, Arigatu Gasaimas!!!

Thank you for reading my Yummy Eats Baon Blowout Blog!

For Mommies out there, try to purchase new spreads or any delightful food for your little one's....
Make some new snacks for them to be excited 
every recess time!!!

                                 Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes