Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gisbert First Solo Art Gallery Exhibition entitled:"Window to the Soul"

I never imagine how distinct an art is until I explicitly encounter one. As the artist paints to provoke creativity thought, a dramatic and an inspirational. It seems that this creations is a self-expression of being a mother and the essence of being a woman in modern times;  wherein she marvelously inclined her works with great idealism and profound confidence. 

All those illustrations, serves as a figurative works that describes how abundant her passion into art painting. 

Mary Rose Gisbert
About the Author:

In early age of 6,  Maryrose shows interest in Drawing, she was inspired by Disney Characters Fantasia and Beauty in the Beast. She devoted her extra time doodling and sketching.  Mary grow up with big family with 12 siblings. It was in College taking up Fine Arts in UST wherein she developed her skills into Art painting that landed her as an Illustrator for a goverment agency. Later in her career, as a Freelance Artist working into book designs and corporate brochures.

Every Painter has an individual where she looked up to, on her part, it was Picasso who had given her a sense of inspiration into her artistry. 

As she evolved in giving life to her art, her trademark has been a wide-eyed girl with delicate & outstanding role in the society. The scintillating eye pallette seen in the huge eye shape of the females describes their emotions, uniqueness, cleverness, desire and personality which a women possess on their whole being. Through their eye you can see the window of their soul. 

However, Gisbert recently been a member of the Saturday Group of Artists, the Mandaluyong Artist League and the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP). Her primary medium is acrylic on canvass, and water color, then, jumps into pen and ink, and soft /oil pastels.

She loves teaching art painting , her advocacy is to impart knowledge to people who wants to learn her art skills. Once a month, she visited jails & do some workshops  to in-mates who wants to develop their craft in drawing using watercolor or ink canvass.

Gisbert inspirations are her family, friends and people who has the same passion for abstract art painting.

Gisbert Masterpiece:

A woman inclined to music!
Fascinated how the sounds creates
Beautiful imagery of life!

A Woman who delicately care for 
all living things. See joy in every flower
she touches.

the abundance of life should be cared
A lavish act of goodness for a 
good harvest in the future.

A womans desire to develop Self-worth
and confidence. Live with a beautiful Heart.

   A woman nurtures a child, "A motherly thing called Love"
   And 2 amazing ladies who uses intellectual marketing for    family's welfare...

A love of a mother is beyong imaginations reach, unconditional and everlasting. 

A woman with elegance is open minded to see what Life offers. Her maturity blossoms every year like fruits, there 
is a right time for reaping. 

Woman has many abilities to show the World.
Their beauty and soul reflects their good heart.

A woman portraits being humble and shows 
A loving care to all creatures with poise
And simplicity. 

Like, Gisbert, a loving mom who finds JOY coming
from her Children. A simple caress and warmth
hug can soften a heart of a MOTHER!

Needless to say, I was so fascinated and amazed how beautiful her canvass is. As Gisbert uses her trademark with big-eyed woman, who has huge representation of realism of uncanny roles of women today, also, in previous times. A woman's compassion of nurturing a child, love for music & creatures.

Moreover, her visual concept is so vivid it transmits beautifully into the canvass straight to the soul of the viewer. The off-shoulder dress designed  signifies openess in the world, a risk taker, a confident woman whose ready to conquer the world and willingly to take any role which life offers.

Friends of Mary Rose Gisbert!!!

Two Lovely Ladies with Face Art Paint
As Usherettes for Gisbert 
Souvenirs of Fan & Postcards!

Ribbon Cutting of Gisbert
Art Gallery Exhibit  with her
Teachers, Mentors, & Students:

The Exhibit Room was filled with Family Members, Clients, Co-Artist of Saturday Group, Relatives and Friends
who joyfully supported her genius craft. 

Her beloved family who been on her side that serves as 
her inspiration to all the canvass she painted. 

Gisbert Two Lovely Daughters

The Artist itself, Mary Rose Gisbert.
Love her masterpiece collections.
Such a big priveledge to meet a
Genuine Artist and a loving Mom. 

If I can describe her masterpiece in two words, it will be elegance and feministic art! A spectacular painting that captures an idealism of "Being A Woman".

The First Solo Art Gallery Exhibition of Mary Rose Gisbert was held last June 19, 2016 at Art Circle Cafe in Y Residences Hotel in Makati City. It was attended with her lovely family, supported by relatives, collegues and Friends.

Note: all descriptions on the canvass are opinions written by the blogger itself

Thank you for reading my simple Blog about my experience of 
The Art Gallery Exhibition Invites of 
Mary Rose Gisbert