Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Movie Animation Review: "Finding Dory"

When you lost everything & even your memory seems unwired? You can't find your way back home? what actions are you going to take? Are you kind of person who joyfully accepts every scenario as it is? An individual who turns a gloomy day into a brighful one? A loving & positive creature who gives smiles in every person she met?

If you are,you have the same characteristic the lead star of Disney  movie "Finding Dory" has. A big eyed,jolly fish who tells every fishes she met,that she suffers from a short term memory loss. An energetic fish whose motto in life is "just keep swimming". A fish named Dory who energetically swims along the deep ocean, no matter how risky it is, without direction but filled with joy & hope on her fins.

I admired dory and disney for putting up this family oriented and heartwhelming animation that teaches individual to strive more, even bad things happen there will always be a way out. A solution to every difficult situation.That if you keep your mind in focus, you will arrive where your heart wants you to be.

Oftentimes,you forgotten your goals. Your dismayed with people around you,frustrated where your life takes you. Remember, Dory's moves, she even have memory disability but she never gave up. Once in a while,memory flickers on her brain. She remember when she was a little,someone cared and loved her,   charlie & jenny,her beloved parents. Even,mind forgets,the heart will always remember. If there is passion and will. Life is still beautiful & should be grateful for every sunrise.

Also,what makes this movie much exciting are her friends she met at the Rehabilation,the near sighted whale,Destiny (Pipe Bestfriend  Pal),Hank (clever Octopus) and Bailey (Beluga Whale with Echolocation abilities). Those sea creatures helps dory to find her parents. Their loyalty, braveness and eagerness to help makes this film so alive. Finally,the Father & Son Clown Fish,Marlin & Nemo,who had been Dory's family in Finding Nemo. 

A heart felt movie,wherein, marlin bravely take actions to find dory and helps to reunite with her parents. Even,if its too dangerous and so risky. That's what Family is. You support and help each other for their own happiness & fulfillment.

For Disney Movie, "Finding Dory", I gave my 100% thumbs up. A wonderful movie for all ages. Children would learn the value of Family, the camaraderie of friends and the unconditional love given by our parents to his children is so extraordinary. Children would learn to keep going in Life. Sometimes, you felt bad but they will always remember Dory's motto, "Just Keep Swimming." Keep Hope in your Heart ,Focus on your goal and have some Perseverance are the key for your Life's Journey. 

Here are some photos of our Finding Dory Block Screening:

Thank you for reading this Movie Review of "Finding Dory" and for PMCM Event Management & Light Network Channel 33 for the Block Screening Invites at Resort World Mnl. I've truly enjoyed this Movie!! More power!!!

Remember, folks....you just need to #JustKeepSwimming

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes