Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kalyenegosyo: Program for small Enterpreneurs who dreamt making big in Business World!

Attending events or product launching are one of the duties of being a Blogger wherein clients & people invited you to broadcast their advocacy or new innovations in social media online. Also, it's one way for bloggers to learn inputs about social media blogging which involves self-expression on particular issues like business & social media marketing.

Amazingly, I was so inspired upon attending Kalyenegosyo seminar last June 17, Friday morning. Wherein, I met wonderful people named: Jorge Noel Wieneke & her wife ,Jennifer Wieneke (one of the board of directors &  founders of KalyeNegosyo), Norman A. Agatep (Managing Director of Grupo Agatep) & James Catan  ( Business  Dev't Manager for Monde Nissan) who devotedly assisted small entrepreneur to reach their dreams by giving them free seminar for the growth of their chosen business market. Also, to help KalyeNegosyo Scholars to put up their new interesting and profitable business 

For the background of KalyeNegosyo, 3rd Batch of Scholars was sucessfully launched last April 22, 2016 at Palm Village Makati City. The founder itself, Jorge Noel Wieneke, co-founder of Potato Corner and Pres. of Tokyo Tempura, stated that the program aims to assists Pinoy microentrepreneurs to be successful on their business venture. 

All chosen KalyeNegosyo Scholars will be given 6 months peroid, free seminars, workshops and mentoring will be held every Friday , as a tool for their business growth. 

This program itself is one way for Mr. Jorge Wieneke for paying it forward for all the blessings his businesses had given their family. Grateful for the abundant blessings and the skills he has, by sharing it to others gives him joy and more passion in helping Pinoy Enterpreneurs. Also, to enriched the value of camaraderie to all Filipino Businessman to reconnect and be inspiration to others. To create an environment for business network sharing and opportunities to other Filipino's who dreamt big in the marketing world.

Program was hosted by Mr. Jorge and her wife Jenny Wieneke and Guest Social Influencer named Norman Agatep to talked about Digital Marketing and  Social Media Myths to KalyeNegosyo Scholars to have an idea on how to advertise their businesses online.  

More Photos of the Workshop/Seminar:

Mr. Norman Agatep discussed about Basic Digital Marketing and Social Media Myths. 

He mentioned that Social Media is a spectator sport, its not about making the upset customer happy but making it sure that your brand is on record as listening and caring bec. Thousands of customers are looking on with a bowl of popcorn on their laps. Mr. Agatep also reiterate that business should always pursue quality over quantity.  

Mr. Agatep said ,Social Media is the perfect venue to demonstrate social good.

Actual Workshop with Mr. Norman Agatep, Social Media Influencer and Mentor for KalyeNegosyo Scholar.

1st Awardee for Free Negosyo Package
from KalyeNegosyo and Monde for Mister Pancit

Kalyenegosyo Pansikleta Program
5 Kalyenegosyo Scholars will be chosen
To gain profit by creating new ways to sell up
Pancit Canton in a unique and cool way.

One of the Awardee for Mister Pancit Negosyo given
by Mr. Jorge Noel Wieneke, Founder of KalyeNegosyo  & Mr. James Catan, Business Manager of
Monde Nissan

3rd Batch of Kalyenegosyo with Mr. Jorge & Mr. James 

3rd Batch of Kalyenegosyo  with Mr. Jorge & Mr. Norman

Seraphim and Norman Agatep selfie with Social Media
Influencer & Speaker for Kalyenegosyo

" To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less"
by Andre Malraux

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