Monday, June 6, 2016

My 1st Book Review: "The Rise of the Pinoy by Mike Grogan"


Truly, Mike Grogan is like Vincent Peale  in Modern Times. This book will create a big wave across all Filipino Society around the Globe. A genuine love and interest to share his expertise in transforming the best version of yourself, knowing, understanding and learning who you are is the best aspect this fabulous book brings to conquer your fear of failures and pleasing others is self-distruct that succumb you to inner loneliness. In reality,you determine your own joy,you discover your own passion by exploring your innerself. This book entails the Journey of Filipino's who excel in various fields of business,through their past experiences,perseverance, sacrifices, their mission & vision to create a humanitarian environment is explicitly outstanding.

The Rise of Pinoy is created by an Irish Author to inspired all Filipino's  to stand up and believe on themselves, one's capacity to help without any token in exchange. That's the culture of All Filipino's; loving  charitable, generous and pure heart that makes us different in many ways.


Table of Contents:

Chapter1: Finding your Inspiration.
Searching for the right person who can inspire you to be the best version of yourself. You need someone to encouraged you to do great things. A role model whom you can look up too.
Like, Josh Mahinay(Founder of Bag943), Francis Kong(BestSelling-Author) & Krie Reyes (Founder of MessyBessy), they transform their life, their situation to bring hope and great impact to people lives. However, Ms. Reyes quoted "you have to be true to yourself. For if you are, that is where you will be happiest & that is where you will thrive"

Chapter2: Your Unique Assignment
Searching for your extra-ordinary purpose is quite a long journey like Mike did. He simply, listens to his inner voice & he was able to find his unique assingment.
Read the stories of our Filipino Entrepreneurs like Anna Meloto-Wilk(Pres. Of HumanNature), Rey Bufi (Founder-The StorytellingProject)) and Anton Diaz(OurAwesomePlanet), who showcase their skills to empower others.
This book helps you to determine the difference between a dream and a fantasy, it makes you realized that we have a unique goals in life that is well-crafted by your own hand; you alone materialized your own mission & happiness in life, no one else.

Chapter3: Discover your motivation
Through this chapter you will explore your senses the things that makes you keep rollin in life. Knowing the real meaning of success on your own terms. Read some inspiring stories in finding the real passion inside of you and knowing the real motives each step you make & making a difference to someone's life.

Chapter 4:Your Greatest Enemy
Who else? Mike will tell you, "the greatest battle is within you, because you didn't know yourself that much" what saves him, read this book and learn from 3 World Class Filipino named Tony Meloto(Founder of Gawad Kalinga,Rebecca Bustamante(Pres. ASIA CEO Forum) & Boris Joaquin (CEO-Salt &Light Ventures)who shared their experiences towards fear, pride, poverty & sacrifices to keep the battle ongoing. How they managed their emotions; themselves to won the battle in the end.

Chapter5: Embrace Your Pain
For Mike, this is the most critical chapter of the book wherein he opens his heart to us. I'm so proud of him because a real teacher , a mentor shares his own sufferings as well because it show how credible and pure his heart is. Read his own heartaches to know the real Mike Grogan the Author "The Rise of the Pinoy."Also, read the stories of 3 more World Class Filipino, Noey Lopez(CEO-Starbucks Philippines), Vince Golangco (Founder-WheninManila)Pocholo Gonzales(CEOof Creative Voices) & Issa Cuevas-Santos(Director-Gawad Kalinga) who shares their own pains, hardships,despair frustrations & weaknesses in life but they were able to conquer it through hope & courage to wake up everyday.

Chapter6: Your Daily Victory
Each steps matters to transform the best version of yourself. This chapters tells how his physical appearance was transformed in a healthy way of living. More World Class Filipino's stories which includes: David Bonifacio (Executive of CBTL Holdings), Marv De Leon(Founder of Freelance Blend) & Lloyd Luna (Motivational Speaker)& Mark Ruiz(Founder of Hapinoy), read some of their tips to find your inspiration & motivation to make your own success into reality. Found out the lesson of the Secret of your success shared by the Author.

Chapter7: You were born for Greatness
This chapter gives you inspiring words to believe & makes you realized that you are a World Class Filipino, capable of doing greatness and be at service to mankind. You have a unique gift to succeed. 

If Mike Grogan believes that Filipino's can create First World Philippines. Indeed, it will come true because each Filipino's have a compassionate heart, filled with courage & hope. So, nothing is impossible. Thanks Mike, this book serves my inspiration. Knowing your passion takes a long journey but if you listen to your inner voice mixed with genuine interest to help mankind,you will find your inner purpose & happiness in this world. As Mike stated, "only if you embrace your pain could achieved outstanding success".

Here are some of my Top 4 fave quotes given by the World Class Filipino's:

There is a purpose to your life, and by discovering that purposem you will find happiness& that's a gift that no one can steal from you-Tony Meloto

Happiness is a choice: choose to be happy. Life is hard & difficult but you have a choice: choose to be happy.-Rey Bufi

You don't have to do great things to help people. You dont have to be rich to help the poor. You just have to have the heart. -Benjie Abad

Be very honest about who you are and more importantly, be very honest about what your weaknesses are, KNOW YOURSELF, is the most critical basic step to  your sucess. -Hapinoy founder

Thank you for reading my 1st Book this book.

So. GRAB one especially our Heroes in Modern Times..Our OFW'S.