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Age Well Club: Teaches how to Embrace Aging with a Healthy,Happy & Active lifestyle!!!

Today, Aging is a crucial stage that limits one individual to have a dynamic lifestyle due to various complications and diseases occuring in one's body. 

However, Age Well Club creates a happy, healthy ,active & fun loving atmosphere that nurtures a genuine connection for each members. 

Age Well Club maintains an optimal level of wellness that builds a healthy relationship with others. Having a certain social network develops assertive skills that boosts up self-esteem. 

Yes, I'm aware that people will undergo those aging process. No one can stop nature to take its course. However,thru Age Well Club,each member can learn how to embrace aging gracefully with loving arms.

Dra. Cheriden discussed Aging Process

As a Physical Therapist,I have lots of Geriartric patients during my internship years,I've encountered and talked to them personally . I Understand their emotions, everyday struggles & their degenerative physiologic changes. Some, I have touched their lives and treasure me as one of their family. I'm so fond of taking care of elderly bec. when my grandmother is still alive,I'm the one who takes care of her. I know how it feels to be a Senior Citizen bec. I'm always with them. I feel their pain due to arthritis and the joy it brings when, I hug and kiss them tight.

Definitely, I'm very happy that there's a particular company that is committed to address the health and wellness needs of adults 50 years old and above; to bring seniors together in a happy community. Its Unilab,Age Well Club,a dedicated group that helps Seniors to create a happy,healthy and Active Lifestyle. They have a holistic approach that helps to improve one's physical,mental and social well-being that makes individuals to live long & continue the things that they love and find new ways to enjoy life even better. With Unilab's expertise in science and  AgeWell's Holistic approach to health and wellness,you don't need to fight,guess or deny your age existency,but, you embrace this exciting aging life stage & make the most of it.

"Aging is both a blessing and an oppotrtunity and it is only when we embrace aging that we truly enjoy living" quoted by UNILAB!!!

Upon attending Age Well Club event last Aug. 17, I was able to listened very attentively to Dra. Cheriden,she discussed the topic entitle: "Understanding our Elderly Patients".

Here's 5 Facts or  Lessons that I've learned:

1)Later Life is a time for challenges and great opportunities. Biological aging is universal,progressive and decrement,progressive and unavoidable. It is not a disease nor a condition, but,its a series of complex changes that occurs in living organisms.

2)According to research,In 2000,there's 15 working individuals for 1 elderly and next 2040, there will be a 7:1 Ratio meaning  there will be less people who will be taking care of eldery bec. Aging is an inevitable process. People grow older day by day.

There are different physiologic changes 
In Aging

3)There are 2 Types of Aging:
A. Sucessful Aging: aka: Optimal Aging demonstrates minimal physiologic  decline from aging alone.

B.Usual Ageing: more common aid of aging. Associated with observed decline in renal,immune,visual & hearing function.

4) Aging is a spiritual and psychological  journey as well as a physical one. It is important to support those journey.

Indeed, there are numerous biological and physiologic changes that our parents will undergo. There are times, they forgotten their action or their names. Sometimes, they have disorganized thoughts, less sensory impulses and hypersomnolent. But, we need to express our sincere love to them. They, still need attention and care. Don't let time pass by;  show how much you love them. Understanding our Aging Parents takes a lot of Patience and more Love. It's easy to care of them, just remember all the love and sacrifice they gave you. Its paying forward for all the good things they done!! Love them until they're still here with Us! Each moment is priceless! Simple joys are precious!!

There are 3 Missions of Age Well Club:
Health Awareness and nutrition.

Mobility and mental health.

Emotional Wellness & social activities. 

1) Membership kit,Club Card and Notebook
2) Monthly Learning Session For Free

A.1) Health Awareness (stay healthy)
 A. Understanding Aging and coping with the changes happening in your whole being.
 B.  Managing the  different types of pain that affect your mobility
C. Understanding the different illnesses how to prevent and manage them.

A.2) Fitness ( stay active)
A. Balance training
B. Flexibility Training
C. Strength Training
D. Weight Management

A.3) Emotional Wellness (stay happy)
A. Achieving Life balance as Seniors
B. Discovering the better of ourselves
C. Rediscovering the gifts from the past & sharing them with others.
D. Expressing gratitude in your life thru art.
E) Discovery and Immersion for ex. Heritage walks & tours
F) Outreach Programs & community activities
G) Talented & accomlished seniors as teachers to the young.
H) Recreational Activities

3) Direct to Health and Wellness Experts

4) Order Agewell and Unilab Products directly to a delivery service.
5) Annual Health Check-up worth 200 pesos only for any of this package?

6) 20% discount on speciaized consultation and diagnostic,medical house call in all HealthFirst Clinics

7) First to try new products and services offered by  AgeWell

So, Hurry up, Guys!! Register your parents or your grand parents. 

If your a retiree,here's the best Age Well Club for you. Unilab People will devotedly assists & support all your needs.

Steps on How to join:

  • Fill out Age Well Membership Form.
  • Pay 1,000 annual membership fee. It can be one time payment or 3 installment amounts. Payment can be done thru Bank Deposits. BANK: (BPI) Bank of Philippine Islands  Checking Accnt: No.: 0181045191  Account Name: Unilab Active Health, Inc. 
  • Email scannec copy or photo of your deposit slip to You may also, give the deposit slip to an AgeWell Rep. In one of monthly learning sessions.

Thank you so much, Age Well Club c/o Unilab for the Invitation!!! More power and continue your advocacy on helping Elderly to embrace Aging gracefully!!!

Thank you for reading my blog for Age Well Club!!!

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