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MIBF 2016: Unleashing Highest Potential & Usapang Worship Book Signing at All Out Blow Out of Church Strengthening Ministry!!!

I love attending Book Fair because I'm so crazy  collecting  Inspirational pamphlet, Affirmational Books and even an Angel Novel. So, I'm really excited for this year Manila International Book Fair 2016. I'm very thankful that for the second time, another, book publishing company invited me. Together with our media partner Light Network Channel 33, with their collaboration of  Church Strengthening Ministry Publishing.

Indeed, Spiritual and Affirmation Books gives me strength & confidence in facing life challenges, through reading those materials makes me more close to our divine protector. It encourages me to be more kindlier and patient towards my fellow human being. It gives me a sense of purpose that even life is not that perfect,still, goodness stays in one's heart. 

As I arrived, at SMX MOA for MIBF2016 to cover an event for CSM Publishing. I met my fellow Blogger Kuya John Cueto of Larawan&Kape. We went straight at the CSM Booth. We met Sir Mark Mirabuenos and Ms. Ela whose in charged with the CSM Marketing, their very kind to accommodate us. Thank you so much CSM team.

One of the Book Launch for CSM Publishing are as follows:
"Kuntento ka na ba sa pagpapalaki ng ANAK mo " by Vic & Avelynn Garcia
Founder of Unleash International Corporation

Others are: Unleashed Your Highest Potential , May pag-asa pa ba ang Pilipinas ,
 Kontento ka na ba sa Kaperahan mo & many more!

Photo Credits by Unleashed Intl. Corp.
Book Signing for Unleashed International Corp. for their Books and Publications
Author & Speaker namely Vic & Avelynn Garcia

Photo Credits by Unleashed Intl. Corp.

Unleashed International Corp. founded by Vic & Avelynn Garcia had been in the business since their 1st Pinoy Unleashed Launch in January 22, 2005 , their company is all about unleashing the highest potential of a person towards their success in life, joy and their significance in this World.
Photo Credits by Unleashed Intl. Corp.
This two kindhearted couple makes wave in unleashing people's capabilities to share good deeds to everyone, like the movie they watched and was moved by the character who shows genuine generosity towards his fellow mankind. In return, Garcia couple practice it themselves, it's "PAYING IT FORWARD" to help 3 other strangers & teach them to help 3 others more, to keep the movement cycle flows. Those principle had been applied during their Training Program and soon viral stories had been circling around to testified how unleashing goodness to a stranger or even a friend, gives you enormous blessing and good deeds, it serves as an inspiration to be a good person in this imperfect world were living-in.

Here are some lessons at the FREE Financial Management Seminar during MIBF 2016 for "Kuntento Ka na ba sa Kaperahan mo?

1: You must know where your money is coming from! Money should be coming from Income not on your salary. That's the only way to be rich. Look for Books in having business and investments. Attend Seminar and ask for Counselling.

2. Key to Life is have more additional problems to be solved , in that way you'll be able to have a clear resolution. Time to be more productive. Work  fast and ask for more errands to make your boss proud & give you a higher raise.

3. Make a List of your Income and find out what's your expenses in daily living. For every problems that is being solved , it gives us financial freedom. 

4. Invest in Books! It will give you a brighter life and mind rather than investing in Gadgets. 

Mr. Vic Garcia mentioned on his free seminar at MIBF, the 3 words to enrich your financial management  is "alamin, gawin , araw araw" Their Life had been change by only one book, their good friend gave them, They simply applied what they read and after 4 years they are financially equipped to sustain their family and give a helping hand to others who need their assistance in unleashing one's potential for financial growth & success in Life. Indeed, Mr. Vic & Ms. Avelynn Garcia are both blessings to their family, friends and other people. Two Inspirational well-being who showers good deeds to everyone, filled with love, enthusiasm and positive vibes.  

Book Launch and Signing for
 Usapang Worship by Mr. Rommel Guevara

Pastor Rommel Guevarra, a Christian Musician & a worship leader who gives a twist of humor and faith through his published book called "Usapang Worship". Those are best sellers to all Christians and people who has strong faith in God. This books are very helpful to various Worship Ministry in enriching their ways in serving God through Music. I recommend this book to all people who have the same faith who genuinely serves and strengthened their love for our creator.

Mr. Guevarra fellow Christians and Ministry member who supports his Book Signing

Susan Guevarra, Natalie Tugade(Blogger), Rommel Guevarra & John Cueto (Blogger)

Grab a Copy to all Book Store Nationwide! Learn few tips in ministering  a good
 worship and service in God.

Here are some samples  quotes to live by: 

"Pinaka-effective na worship leading and hindi ikaw ang napansin"

Para sa mga Worship Leader: "Ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the right song hindi yung mga paborito mo lang ang pinapakanta"

"Without Christ , I am Nothing"

Passion First before Fashion"

Finally, we take some pictures of those fabulous books. What excites me more, CSM Publishing has a promo called "ALL OUT BLOW OUT" wherein each books cost only 100 pesos. . That's why, there's a lot of people paying on their cashier area buying numerous inspirational books for christian and famous inspirational authors like John Maxell, Chinkee tan & many more. Even, the gospel cd's are 3 for 100.

What a great bargain sale for spiritual and inspirational books. People whose engaged and book collectors would really love to visit this booth.

Gain more knowledge thru BOOks!!

That's why, there's a lot of people paying on their cashier area buying numerous inspirational books for christian and famous inspirational authors like John Maxwell, Chinkee tan & many more. Even, the gospel CD's are 3 for 100. 

Here are some books during MIBF 2016
Miriam Quiambao Book titled:  He can catch you when you fall

Winning with People by john Maxwell

Love & Respect by Dr. Eggerichs

Good or God by John Bevere

Why God wants you to be Prosper? by Chinkee Tan

Seraphimsnotes is endorsing to all book lovers out there to grab a copy of unleashed books with Authors namely Vic & Avelynn Garcia and Usapang Worship of Pastor Rommel Guevarra, it will give you a glimpse on how will you live your life. Learn from the Authors and apply it into your day to day living. Believe me , changes will follow! 

I do believe that Books makes wonders, it creates a magical atmosphere that can live up to reality. It depends upon the reader how adventurous and open-minded he is in adapting one's principle and lessons in life. Definitely, one can change himself into a better version of his self that exceeds within the boundaries of his soul!

It's not the happy ending that is most important in a Book what matter's is the story itself, the journey it brings.

Thank you so much for Ms.  Vic & Avelynn Garcia, founder of  Unleashed Intl. Corp 
& Church Strengthening Ministry for the invitation and for the books that you gave me.

Also,Thank you to Light Network 
Channel 33, our Media Partner for this Event,

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Thank you for reading my Blog about Church Strengthening Ministry
 for Manila International Book Fair 2016 !!!
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