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IQ Massager: A portable stress reliever device that offers various types of massages!!

RYKL CEO, King Liwag

Nowadays, people are driven with too much work overload and stress that they forgotten how to relax. Indeed, stress has a harmful effect in our system that it tightens our muscles that causes a lot of backache and even joint pains.

As a Physical Therapist, I do consider that stress is the main factor for most individuals who suffers from a painful stiffneck down to a terrible back muscle spasm or even a low back pain. That's why, as much as possible, we need to look for ways to relieve ourselves from stress. 

However,  I've attended a brand launching of a portable device called IQ Massager last Sept. 1, 2016 at SM North Annex, an apparatus that alleviates pains that cause by arthritis, nerve injury, low-back pains, tendinitis,  muscle spasm & even neck pain. 

Truly, I'm glad that RYLK Trading from the United States brings to our country, A solution to all body aches and pains it's "The IQ MASSAGER". What excites me most, is that IQ Massager has different types of Massage. It's so amazing!! See my photos below as I've experience this fabulous equipment, "A Chiropractor in your Pocket".

Furthermore, RYLK Trading from San Diego, USA is the leading distributor for Northern and Southern California for these easy to use, affordable and effective personal massagers.

IQ MASSAGER Kiosks Grand Launching
Ms. Ara, PR Specialist, Mr. King Liwag with their
IQ Massager Model 

Also, Check out some celebrities who already been using IQ Massager to suit their busy schedules namely:

VIPs like Senator Manny Pacquiao, Governor Chavit Singson, Cesar Montano, Patricia Javier and Jason Abalos, Gretchen Fullido and Barbie Muhlach.

IQ Massagers are perfect for those with active lifestyles, people who loves going to spa massage parlors & individuals with pain related conditions.

Definitely, in a fast-paced world were living in, the IQ Massager is indeed less time consuming and beneficial as it relieves muscle aches and tension throughout the body without the use of any drug. It also has Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) that is predominately used for different nerve-related pain. Brillant as it is, the IQ Massager is also handy and portable that you can use it anywhere you go. 

 My Fellow Blogger Friends Jared & Leomy
Who tried this wonderful IQ MASSAGER Equipment!

To give you additional information, TENS is a wavelength frequency, a steady or burst electrical current that Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation Medicine Doctor usually used to treat several conditions that affects muscle, joints or bone problems. It is safe and a conventional alternative way to relieve from stiffness and all types of pains.

IQ MASSAGER applied in Both Hands

Sensation: Tingling, steady or bursts
Raindrops currents and massage like effect!
So, relaxing and stimulates your nerves.

Also, I have my own device that TENS Application is being used. I highly recommend this device to all Geriartric patients who suffers from Arthritis and people who loves to travel long flights, it helps your mind and body to relax.

For further information and purchase, 
Visit RYLK Trading’s IQ:

Massager kiosk at the 3rd level of SM North Annex or like and message RYLK Trading on Facebook. You may also call 0927-943-1031 or email

Or reach me out to all my social media accounts.
So, I could tell you directly the benefits of this device.

Here are some photos of IQ MASSAGER KIOSKS


 Cutting of Ribbons

Sir King and Ms. Ara

Sir King with her IQ MASSAGER Staff

 Ms. Ara, I, Leomy & Jared #SquadGoals #BloggersGroufie

Jared, my fellow Blogger

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IQ Massager Launching!!!

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