Monday, February 13, 2017

Be my Valentine at Yokocho Japanese Food Haven!!!!

Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu means (Iloveyou),  Be my Valentine!!!!

If your looking for an affordable place at the South of Manila and your special someone is craving for a Japanese cuisine. I have a perfect place for you. You can visit the newly renovated building beside Baclaran Church, you can use their elevator or stairs, their venue is located 4th & 5th Floor, the name of the new Japanese food haven is "Yokocho".

Love is shared with two people who truly cares for each other. A genuine love that goes beyond test of time. With this special day, you'll see couples showing their undying love for each other. Truly, Pinoys are expressive and Valentines Day its a big occassion like watching Ms. Universe or Pacquiao Fight. Their World stops and only heart beats are heard echoing across the globe.

Here's in Yokocho's place, an atmosphere of love shows thru their vibrant red colors and sweet Japanese ambience.

Photo Credits to Gus Cabredo

After, the meet-up for Tourism Promotions Board, I and my fellow blogger friends agreed to have Japanese food trip. Lhourdess, introduced this place to us and we ate together. I love their Japanese food style of cooking and their cozy Japanese Interior Design for Valentines Day.

Be my Valentine at Yokocho

Tasting Japanese Food is like tasting my favorite sushi and california maki. Here's some variety of dishes that we've tried at Yokocho Japanese Food Court, Baclaran, Pasay:

Chicken Fried Noodles
If your a noodle fanatic, try this dish,love the taste of their sauce and crunchy vegies. Noodles are well-cooked.

 Tonkotsu Shouyu
One of my blogger friend loves Ramen,its tasteful, pork meat is cut on thin slice with healthy leafy vegie,the boiled egg adds to the delightful flavor of the ramen soup..

While, this Japanese dish seems unfamilar, its my first time to eat Okonomiyaki. I love the taste of the mayonaise, soy sauce and the crunchy pork meat. Can't stop taking a bite of this mouth watering food menu.

Pork Karubi Donburi or
Pork Yakiniku
I need to eat some rice due to my
hyperacidity so I choose this Pork Donburi. Love the taste of the vegetable and pork toppings. The cabbage stripes mixed with mayo and egg really tasted well. People who loves to eat rice will enjoy their NIKU NI ITO Food Menu of Pork and Beef.

Food Menu List & Price

 Japanese Dish at Yokocho Food Court

For couples out there who will be celebrating hearts day tomorow. Visit Yokocho Food Court, experience Japanese Food Dining with affordable price. For 700 pesos, you can have 4 different Japanese dish with Free Ice Tea Drinks. 

After, saying a prayer at Mother Perpetual Help to strengthen your love for each other & fulfilling your food for the soul, time to satisfy your food for your body. Try new food twists, choose Japanese food dishes. Let your special someone experience a Japanese Style on Valentine's Day.

Aishiteru everyone. ❤❤❤

What I loved most in visiting new food haven, is the company of people. The food is getting more delicious with genuine people I hang-out with.
Thank you Lhourdess, Gus and Kim for new friendship. #SquadGoals #FoodReviewGoals

Thank you for reading my Yokocho Japanese Food experience. Hope, you
enjoy my cool photos of Japanese foodies and got some ideas on how to celebrate and bring  your loved-ones to a special place for this
 Valentine's Day.❤

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