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Chan Lim Art Exhibit majestic Art work in Modern Times!!!

This is the second time, I was able to attend and witnessed Chan Lim Art exhibit at SM North. Last year, I was so amazed with the Lantern Art painting Exhibit and the brush stroke workshop with Mr. Alex Lim, son of Mr. Chan Lim and other Chan Lim Family Artists & Students. I was able to learn some tips on how to paint a flower using a brush stroke technique. Now, they're exhibit only focuses on porcelain plates, scrolls & canvass painted by their very own and talented Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students. 

Nevertheless, it never fades to amused me. I salute Chan Lim Family and their students for a beautiful and magnificient work of art. Each porcelain plates and scrolls with different designs of landscapes, flowers, animals and human figure painted with passion and commitment to enriched their artistry.

13 Chan Lim Family Members painted
this Art Work it is called "Interaction Painting"
Definitely, Chan Lim Family is one of the popular and remaining notable chinese brush painting artist in the country who managed to uplift chinese traditional way of painting. 

Beautiful Koi Painting by Chan Lim
For additional information, Chan Lim Family Art Exhibit started on 1995 at SM Megamall. Almost, 15 exhibits are held up to this date, both locally & internationally. 

Wooden Circular structure for Chan Lim
 Porcelain Plate Painting
Chan Lim is their family patriarch in signing all their art works. The pen name is crafted with his name and with his wife's last names.

None of the family was related to Arts, all of the Chan Lim siblings namely: Alex,Rolex,Felix and Jalex are all engineers and are engaged in multinational companies in various industries.

But, it really shows that Chan Lim Family are inclined in doing art at its best. It shows thru their masterpiece how committed they are in showing each individual and the world. That art is the expression of the soul. It enlightens individuals perspectives to appreciate life and all the wonderful creations in the universe. 

Seeing those colorful and vibrant flowers, waterlilies, koi, panda's mountains and waterfalls makes me more positive and it brightens my day by simply looking at it especially,the vivid pictures of the 8 running horses painting that symbolizes strength & abundance. Moving forward with full speed filled with confidence, freedom and unity. Also, I loved the Koi Painting that signifies wealth, prosperity and family.

Amazing Koi Painting Art by Mr. Chan Lim
Chan Lim Art Exhibit expresses simple joys and a warmth feeling of passion in art. It let you draw in a place where everything is beautiful and relaxed. To learn more about their art and brush stroke painting.

Visit their Social Media sites below: 
Facebook: /ChanLimFamilyof Artists

Be mesmerized with their outstanding work of art. I had captured some wonderful photos of their porcelain plate and scroll paintings. Enjoy this fabulous photos on my article. 

Here are their amazing art work; But, ill be dividing it into Porcelain Art Painting Photos, Scroll Art works & Canvass:

Porcelain Art Painting Photos:

Scroll Art Painting Photos:
My favorite

Last part, the Canvass Paintings:

Thank you for reading my blog about Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students Art Exhibit.

You can still catch their art work at SM North the Block until February 12. Hope, you enjoyed reading this article and seeing those beautiful masterpieces. Truly, Chan Lim Art Exhibit exceeds my expectations in terms of Art in Modern Times. 

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