Saturday, February 25, 2017

TokenHub: E-Counter Business Seminar in PICC!!!

I've attended a TokenHub E-Counter Business Seminar  last February 9, 2017 in PICC wherein Mr. John Flor,  CEO of Token Hub explained a good structure on how  to gain additional income using E-counter Service for OFW remittances. He shared a great knowledge on gaining income in a fastest way with lesser charges, with small capital service fees for money remittance that can be useful for local & international. 

It's an #EcounterVday, a day to celebrates heart's day at the same time gaining knowledge on how to gain profit by opening a virtual wallet by the help of Token Hub.

To know more about, Token Hub Asia , it was established last  June 2015 by Crypto C. Trading, a start up company in the Philippines and manage an exchange of eternal coin. All you just need to do is to go to their website at where you can create a Virtual Wallet wherein you can store your money securely.  Click GET STARTED...

To Register, Please Follow these 3 Easy Steps:

1)  Enter your required information
2)  Receive a code via SMS
3)  Confirm with the code

Registration Requirements:

A copy of your VALID IDENTIFICATION is required after the creation of your wallet.
1) Valid Government Photo ID: Passport, Driver's License (both sides).
2) Valid Proof of address (not older than 3 months): Utility Bills or Tax/ Election Documents

The main reason why Ecoin is fastly arising it is because you can cash it anytime, a greater percentage of dividends, numerous patents and a good usage of  virtual currency. 

Unique Features of Eternal Coin:

1.) Distribution of Dividends
Transaction fees are distributed as dividends once a week depending on the number of coins you have in your wallet. Dividend distribution schedule is every Wednesday.

2.) Mobile Phone Money Transfer Capability
Through the use of your own mobile device, Eternal Coin is the world's first digital currency in which the transmission can be performed with the use of your own mobile number. 

3.) Coin Dividend Functionality
In the future, coins will be divided into smaller units for the User convenience. Coin value will be retained but it will be easier to use in smaller amounts.

4.) One Touch Transmission
Foreign currency can be easily transmitted by anyone without any boundaries.

For more information about Eternal Coin, here are some facts about Digital Currency, it can be used as a medium payment globally, accessible through the use of smart phone with active internet connection and over 100 stores in Japan alone accepts Eternal coin as a mode of payment. 

Visit their place at: Makati Office
14th Flr. Office Unit A Corporate 88 Center
Valero Street corner Sedeno Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
(063) 2 662913

In Token Hub, you can send money safely, easily and quickly worldwide with a Virtual currency, convenient remittance service. Token Hub offers smart and low cost remittances.

Thank you for reading this blog regarding E-Token Business Seminar. Gaining additional income by using Virtual Currency.

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