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My Food Review Blog at Tahong Island in Paranaque!!!

Tahong Island: Best Baked Mussels in the South of Metro!!!

Tahong Island Background History:
What started as a small selling business now grew into a well-known spot for the best baked mussels in the South area. Tahong Island offers fresh mussels, shrimps and fish dishes created in a way that is perfect for Filipino's taste buds.

Trish Aguilar & Edward Gutierrez,Owner
of Tahong Island
Back in 2014, power couple Edward Gutierrez and Trish Aguilar started their business by selling their baked mussels in their offices during the holidays. It was a big hit, and after a few years, they were able to save up to rent a place in Pilar Village, Las Pinas.
"The feedback from the local communities was overwhelming. I am very thankful to our customers who remained loyal to us ever since we started the business. Even if we transfer to several locations. they did not stop ordering from us, " said Gutierrez. Tahong Island's dishes are all his original recipes. With no professional training, Gutierrez runs the business with his passion for cooking and entrepreneurship.

"I love doing Tahong Island," mused by Aguilar. She handles marketing, accounting and finance for the business. "It was something we both loved doing together. When were we just selling our products in our offices, I never expected Tahong Island to branch out into a full pledged business. Now, I am glad that we are reaching more people, and that more people love what  we do as well."

Me and Kim Baylon (Food Blogger Selfie Goals)
Whenever, I signed up for a food review, I see to it that every food chain or restaurant will be a memorable one, that every food that the owner will serve will have its own stories to tell. Definitely, it never failed to amused me hearing their simple beginnings, how they started and their passion, why they're continuing their food business is quite remarkable and inspiring.

Indeed, I'm a seafood lover, I loved mussels so much even if its grilled or baked because every weekends, whenever, my uncle boy and my cousins visited us, when, were still young,  tahong is one of our fave dishes that he cooked for us.

Kim Baylon,Gus Cabredo,Me and Lhourdhess Mercadero (Food Bloggers Squad Goals)
When, we finally get there at Tahong Island with my fellow Food Bloggers, I started to take pictures of the food especially, those yummy and cheesy baked tahong. Seeing those melted cheese infront of me, signals my brain that this meal is very delicious. Also, I was so delighted seeing my favorite buttered garlic shrimp with those large trays filled with big-sized shrimps with new amazing names such as: Shrimpy-Shrimp. Indeed, tells me that will be having an amazing meal on our table.

The Shrimp Dish has two varieties, the one that I mentioned is Shrimpy-Shrimp and the other one, Garlic Shrimp. Those two dish will guarantee to solve your cravings for Shrimp Seafood.

One Shrimp is not enough to take a bite. However, this food haven is known as Tahong Island. So, you can eat as many Tahong as you wish, as long as you pay it! You will love its cheesy flavor and their baked Tahong its so tasteful.

But, of course, don't forget to order their Boneless Bangus, they have their own secret recipe, ideal for summer outing and a great menu to bring along with.

The price is affordable and its worth the taste. It's highly recommended by yours truly but if you're allergic to seafood yet your craving for it. Don't forget to take some anti-histamines in case your run into rashes.

If you asked me, where did I found the baked mussels in the south of Metro, definitely, I'll say here in "Tahong Island, BF, Paranaque". So, visit the place and try their baked tahong, its so yummycheesylicious!

Here are some photos taken at the Tahong Island Food Tasting Invites:

The Owner,Ms. Trish and Mr. Edward

My plate
My Food Blogger Gang

Visit Tahong Island, with its newest location at El Grande, BF Homes Paranaque to reach more customers. What started as a take-out stall in Las Pinas now caters to dine-in customers in their new location.

Their best-selling dishes include Cheesy Garlic Baked Mussels, Garlic Shrimp and Shrimpy-Shrimp. The store also delivers around Las Pinas, Paranaque, Alabang and Muntinlupa areas.
Thank you Ms. Melanie and Jackie for inviting us and also,  to the Owner, Mr. Edward Gutierrez and Trish Aguilar
for accomodating all the Food Bloggers.
More success and more deliveries for Tahong Island😊

Thank you for reading this Food Review Blog
 about Tahong Island.
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