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Filipino's Famous Cabalen Restaurant opens its door at Southwing Bay of Mall of Asia!!!

Cabalen: Home of Best Kare-Kare in the Philippines!!!

It's my second time to dine-in at Cabalen Buffet Restaurant. I remember, the first time was at Cabalen Market-Market wherein its my Aunt 60th birthday, her name is Angelina Regino. It was a memorable one because its a surprise party prepared by my cousins for their loving mom.  Nevertheless, all the staff are friendly and the buffet is magnificiently fantastic. Our stomach is so full with delightful Cabalen's dishes.

Recently, I was included in the list for the Guests Bloggers who will attend the Grand Opening of Cabalen Southwing Bay Area, Mall of Asia. Wherein, another, Cabalen Food chain will be opening at the same vicinity. The place is overwhelming and you'll feel warmth service by the staff. 

Don't forget to take a bite of
Crispy'll love this.

What makes Cabalen more popular in Filipino's and also, to foreign individuals? Definitely, its the traditional taste of home cooked dishes with Kapampangan taste & style of cooking. That is why, Cabalen Restaurant and Filipino cuisine known in the whole world. 

You may choose from its variety of
Vegetables,Pork,Beef & Fish Dishes

With its reasonable price of buffet. Families enjoyed each moment with delightful and delicious Cabalen Buffet, a Family's all time favorite for almost 30 years in food chain industry. 

Cabalens Filipino Cuisines

Cabalen captured the heart of local market especially that all Pinoys grow up with love of food with their respective provinces & locals. Also, we all know that Kapampangan's stood up for being "Culinary Capital of the Philippines". They are very good in cooking. Kapampangan has its own trademark in terms of delivering food on your table.

Food Buffet Variations

For introduction, Cabalen figure out the best way to give highlights with Kapampangan cuisines through a parade of food buffet. Now, Cabalen southwing area offers a wide variety of mouth-watering and delightful kapampangan dishes,mixed with Asian Cuisine for all Filipinos craving for traditional food menu and also, to have food experience with other countries delicacies.

 My favorite sushi 
& California Maki🌷

What I loved most with this newest Cabalen Restaurant in Mall of Asia, the place is huge, cozy and has an elegant interior design. If you look at the ceiling, there's a spiral & circular art inspired that gives a classical look together with those low-light chandeliers. 

Spiral Interior Design of the Ceiling
Elegant Chandeliers &
warm ambience
My low-light
Chandelier Photos
Big Squared Green Mirror
Also, I love the big green square mirror on the side and the straight path rows of Cabalens dishes that allows bigger space for people to fall in line.

People will surely love their buffet experience at Cabalen, from soup selection, salad section, filipino favorite food section and Asian dishes. Ofcourse, the deserts sections from Halo-halo, chocolate fountain and kapampangan's sweets are so lovely that I can't stop myself to take a video.

Chocolate Fountain &
Marshmallows & many more

Cabalen Food Deserts Video

Simply, by looking at those dishes, your eyes and stomach are already full with excitement. Another, gastronomic experience that is worth the price.  

One of my favorite Filipino Dish is Kare-Kare. I'm happy, I was able to try Cabalens Kare-Kare once again because it is known as the Best Kare-Kare in the Philippines.  Here are my favorites during Cabalens Grand Opening at Southwing bay area, MOA.

Salad Section:

 Variety of Vegetables & Dressings

Food Menu Section:

 Filipino Tradional Cuisine

Craving for Crispy Kang-Kong and Crablets, the best seller in Cabalen Restaurant

Terrific taste and flavor of
Pancit Puti. It's tastful & so flavorful.

The mouth-watering letchon,
I've ever tasted. Crunchy and delicious.

I would't missed this, if I were you. Try this Ginataang Kuhol. You'll love the taste. 2 or 3 servings are not enough. 

Definitely, I won't missed Cabalen's Best Seller, Kare-Kare. Now, I can finally say, this is the Best Kare-Kare, I've ever tasted in my entire life. Surely, I'll come back for this.

Pakbet Kapampangan
The taste is different from Ilokanong Pakbet. But, the taste is flavorful. 

Bislig, its like Beef Steak but this
time its cooked with Fish and sauteed with Onions.

Above: Kake Age & Vegetable Tempura Below: Fried Chicken with Lemon Grass & Catfish with Mango Salad. All this dishes, I've tasted are delicious especially the Kake Age & the Vegie Tempura, if you love vegestables so much. This dish is perfect for you.

 Letchon Manok, Inihaw na Hito & Inihaw na Liempo, yummy grilled meal.

 A variety of Chicken & Pork Sisig.
For Sisig lover, this section is for you.

 Atsarang Papaya, Atsarang Gufe & Atsarang Singkamas, a new twists of Atsara 

 Dinakdakan and Pork Sisig 
A delicious dish and one of my favorites

 A delightful taste of Longanisa, Tocino 
and steamed Vegetables 

My Favorite Sushi & Maki taste good. I'm craving for more 🍣🍣🍣

Desert's Section:

Sweets for you❤❤❤

(R) Minatamis na Saging (L) Sampelot
It's delicious and sweet tasting.

Above: (R) Maja Kalabasa (L) Tibok-Tibok
Below: Fresh Pineapple & Watermelon

Halo-Halo Ingredients
Take a look of my Cabalen's Food Videos:

Cabalen's Food Buffet Video

Cabalens Cuisine

Thank you so much for reading my blog about Cabalens Grand Opening last February 8, 2017 at Southwing bay, Mall of Asia. I'm glad you enjoyed my stories and my food phoneography photos.

Visit Cabalen soon, with your loved-ones, family and friends. 
Ideal for balikbayan relatives and reunions, buffet extravaganza!!!

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Thank you Chef  Ciony Guila of Cabalen & Mr. Rafael Kris DG. Reyes, Cabalen Marketing Manager
for accomodating all the Bloggers & Mr.  Justin Vawter for the Invitation.

Chef Ciony Guila 

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