Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Goodalicious Food Experience!!!!

Goodah, ang pagkaing good 
for every-all.
Goodah has been our favorite place in Market-Market with my special someone, because its the most convenient place wherein my stomach will be filled in quickly, as I waited for the Van going to Cavite. What can I ask for, its "pang-masa". If I'm craving for Goto Special or Arrozcaldo for a rainy afternoon, they have the perfect taste that suits my cravings.

Goodah Market Market
As I coincide it with my favorite Mais Con Yelo,the afternoon will be delightful. Simple joys and favorite filipino meals that completes my day. 

Furthermore, i love their concept on the chairs and the colors of their interiors. Its catchy and attracts good vibes.

That is why, when,I was invited to attend the Grand Opening of Goodah at Baclaran Branch as a Media Blogger, I grab the chance plus, I were able to meet their Celebrity Goodah Ambassador and part owner, Mr. Boy Abunda, a down to earth person and an inspiring individual who has a pure heart of gold.

Indeed, its the 8th branch of Goodah food chain, here in Baclaran that serves Filipino classic dishes for 25 Hrs.

Aside, from its newest branch, Goodah launched Filipino's favorite cuisine, its called, "KKK or Krispy Kare-Kare".  

GoodAh!!!’s Krispy Kare-Kare or “KKK” uses ground peanuts to give that traditionally rich and earthy flavor to its kare-kare sauce, filled with cooked string beans, talong, pechay & puso ng saging that completes the Kare-kare meal. To give its crispy texture of the gamey ox tripe or what we called in Filipino term "tuwalya", aside from cooking it in a pressure cooker to soften the tripe, it was also fried to represent "K" -Krispy in the KKK,"Krispy Kare-Kare".
Nevertheless, I love Kare-kare so much, its one of my favorite Filpino dish. So, I've tasted the KKK, its so creamy and delicious, you can exactly taste the flavored peanut, the vegies are well-cooked and the ox tripe is so crispy, its thumbs up for me. So, guys you should try this one.

Brand Ambassador
Mr. Boy Abunda
GoodAh!!!’s Krispy Kare-Kare is available for just Php 299 a la carte or everyone can have it in a set for just Php 339 for your barkada meal.

Also, take a glimpse of Goodah's delightful dishes that we tasted with my fellow bloggers:

Crispy Pata
Lechon Manok
Crispy Tapa

Leche Flan and Buko Pandan
Here's some of our photo during the Grand Opening of Goodah Baclaran Branch:

 Ribbon Cutting

Newest KKK

I'm glad that there is a near branch of Goodah in Cavite, one ride away. After, attending mass at Baclaran Church. Goodah is the perfect place to chill and enjoy Filipino meals with affordable price.

Thank you so much AMPR events c/o Ms. Catherine Llanes and Mr. Richard Mamuyac for the invitation. A fruitful year for Goodah's Food chain, Owners and its Staff.

Watch out for more exciting dishes from GoodAh!!! by visiting their website at www.goodah.com.ph
or their Facebook at www.facebook.com/GoodahPh

Thank you for reading my Goodahlicious food experience.

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