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Cargo Cosmetics: Ideal Make-up for Swimmable Summer!!!

I love the heat of the sun, the sand bars and blue waters this Summer. So, what if there's a make-up that you can used and bring along to your summer activities that brightens your skin and it glows within. You can wear it even in waters and will never wear-off! That it sounds good news to all ladies? Who loves wearing make-up under the sun. 

Recently, I was able to find those answers. Indeed, I was so fascinated with their Cosmetic line-up for their Summer Collection entitled "Cargo Cosmetics: Swimmable Summer Workshop by Ms. Chinky Tanjanco".  So, what does Swimmable Summer means, it simply says makeup that won't melt off in the sun or come off in the water while you swim in deep waters. Aren't that cool enough! 

What makes me more excited with this workshop is their Cargo Foundation. Together with, Cargo High Definition Foundation for 2nd layering. It works effectively. Upon applying it to my face, it covers my pores and brings a youthful and glowing skin effect.

Then, one technique that I learned from Make-up Professional Guru, Ms. Chinky Tanjanco is my favorite "Winged-eye make-up" using an Swimmable Eye Pencil. Now, I would be able to apply that technique in my eye make-up regimen. Its simple, use an eye liner brush, brush it on the tip of the pencil. Start applying it on your eyelid and formed a wing type end on the tip of your eye. Simple yet classy. 

Also,what I love most with this eye pencil, you can draw a thin line and even a thicker line to create more dramatic look for evening party.

While, this Cargo Eye Shadow palette is perfect for basic smoky eye effect. It felt a flawless line of splendid color to my eyelids.

Photo Gallery of Cargo Cosmetics Workshop:

All the ladies have a fabulous time applying Cargo Cosmetic Makeup on their face. Cargo Cosmetics has the most creative and innovative brands on the beauty scene that makes it different from other brands.

Beauty Bloggers Philippines Photos:
Photo Credits to Ms.Leilani Banzon
Beauty Bloggers: Nhessie,Leomy,Yours Truly,
Denise and Leilani

This Beauty Blogger surely enjoyed the
Cargo Cosmetics Swimmable Summer Workshop.
Look at their smile.

Beauty Blogger Leomy Sanchez,Founder
Blogger Philippines, Denise & Yours truly

Selfie with Beauty Blogger,
Denise Sarmiento and Yours Truly

Hope you enjoy reading my blog about Cargo Cosmetics Swimmable Summer Workshop by Chinky Tanjanco at Beauty Bar, Central Square, BGC last March 18, 2017. 

Definitely,You'll love Cargo Cosmetics like I do. Grab one, here's mine.

 Hurry go to the nearest Beauty Bar 
and shop....

Selfie Makeup Guru Expert,
Ms. Chinky Tanjanco and Yours truly

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