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Cool Kids launches new product line for Back-to-School 2017!!

2017 Back-to-School New Product Release
Funtastic International,Inc. is committed with its mission towards environmental care. All the products they created suits the needs of their customers. At the same time,kids would learn how to save our planet Earth. By imprinting them a deep sense of unity, responsibility & respect for each other and our surroundings. 

Funtastic Entrance 
Have you ever wondered, why children stayed for many hours just to mess and play around? Or either, why little kids wishes to have brand new bags and toys during their back-to-school days? 

The theory behind those questions is simply because children "LEARN" as they play, by interacting with those toys ,it creates a high inteligence that we as adults cannot fathom. However, kids are inspired by having new items to be used on their school days. I'm glad, I was able to bring good news that the Cool Kids has Back-To-School New Collection line-up for school year 2017.

Chelsea, daughter of my 
Blogger friend lhourdess loves
playing Cool Kids Creadough

While, the Earth-loving-planet-saving twins are in hot pursuit of their mission to help save Planet Earth! This 2017, Coco and his twin sister Kimmy are working hard in helping kids realize the value of saving Planet Earth.

Kimmy & Coco with the
 Lifestyle Bloggers

NOW, more than ever is the time for kids to realize that our planet needs help. The recent changes in our weather like typhoons are proof enough that we all need to move NOW! So, Cool Kids are here for the rescue.

Who are the Cool Kids? 
Their name are Coco and Kimmy ,
Ambassadors of nature preservation working with princesses, 
fairies, robots and other magical friends on a mission to preserve Planet Earth by teaching humans to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYLE  for good wasteful consumption.

With it's  genuine commitment to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, a world class service that has social responsibility and brotherhood. The company upholds their integrity, honor and excellence in all their endeavors. Let's hear it with the President of Funtastic International, Inc.,Mr. Rex Daryanani himself.

Video Credits to Claire

The Lifestyle Bloggers

Funtastic International Inc., established in the country almost 17 years ago, is behind the Cool Kids, Baby Bliss, Creadough, Zigo, Latitude, and Fluffy Friends brands. Colorful and lovely characters make up the Cool Kids Brand. These amazing characters have different roles to play in teaching kids how to care for the environment.

Cool Kids Character Bags

Cool Kids has also launched its new line of “FUN-tabulous” School bags and accessories. The new line of affordable, good quality school bags features the different characters of the Cool Kids friends; Royal Princesses, Glam Girlz, Forest Fairies, Viron Transformer, Earth (Geobot), Air (Aerobot) and Water (Aquabot) robots, and Space rangers to name a few. 

Baby Bliss Products by Cool Kids

Cool Kids has also launched its newest line of baby toys and furniture under the brand Baby Bliss. This exciting line of very safe and cool baby toys is like no other. Its wood look mixed with full color has brought a fresh look to the baby toy industry. Baby Bliss toys are competitively priced and they also offer wonderful learning experiences to our little ones. Baby Bliss by Cool Kids aims to teach moms to help in environmental care.

Creadough by Cool Kids 

Cool Kids has also launched a brand new line of amazing dough toys through Creadough by Cool Kids. This creative line of dough toys brings out the imagination and creativity in children and allows them to use their hands to explore, imagine and create amazing shapes and images. 

Zigo by Cool Kids

Another new range of toys to look forward to is Zigo by Cool Kids. The Zigo line of blocks not only brings out the creative juices of our little ones, they actually help prepare children to be future engineers and architects. Every kid at one time or the other has played with blocks to bring out the best of their imagination and creativity. With Zigo competitively priced, parents do not need to spend a lot to provide their children with this wholesome deal of fun and creative building. 

Cool Kids Fashionable 
Bags for High School Students
Even,in College....

For Back to School 2017, Cool Kids has launched a brand new line of fashion bags for our little “fashionistas” and fashion forward buddies who want to follow the footsteps of their older siblings. Made of amazing quality materials, Cool Kids bags is the perfect companion of our children in school.

Cool Kids Latitude Bags, Ideal
For Boys and Men in Office Jobs

Funtastic International has also launched for Back to School 2017 its newest line of bags for High School and College kids as well as for adults through Latitude. Latitude is a brand that removes all limits and allows you to express yourself. Made of excellent quality materials, this fashion forward line of bags takes the user to a whole new level of experience given the amazing features of these bags both inside and out. 

Here's some Cool Kids 
Fun-tabulous Character 
Bags Video

If I can describe the whole 4th floor of Funtastic Building in two words, it will be "play and extraordinary" it is because the place is a big playground for kids, its safe and fun to try their creadough set and create things with their imagination. Extraordinary, it's because with their various new collection of bags every little girl or boy, will wish to have those. Look at this amazing photos during our tour at Cool Kids Trade Show.

Photo Gallery:

Visit the Cool Kids Website, 
or to learn about Cool Kids & their Company Profile and their advocacy in saving our planet Earth & be amazed with their new line of products. 

Cool Kids Fashionable
Bags for Back-To-School 2017

Good News for the public, the new 
Cool Kids Collection is now on all
Major Department Store Nationwide!!!

The Lifestyle Bloggers together with the
Owner of Funtastic International,
Inc., Mr. & Mrs Daryanani

Thank you Ms. Claire Santiago, my fellow blogger for the invitation and Mr.Rex Daryanani,Owner of Funtastic International,Inc. and her wife for accomodating all the bloggers during the Cool Kids Trade show.

Thank you for reading this blog regarding The Cool Kids Back-To-School New Product Line manufactured
by Funtastic International, Inc.!!!!
Shop using Cool Kids brands at your
leading dept. store.
Teach your kids to save our
 planet Earth.

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