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Feel the wave of fun & excitement under Tourism Promotions Board New Leadership!!!

New strategies, digital techniques and unique appearance represents the new image of Tourism Promotions Board headed by the most charming, most awarded  and talented Actor of Philippine Cinema, Mr. Cesar Montano.

What excites me more during out COO meet-up at Tourism Promotions Board vicinity,is his true passion in uplifting our Philippine Tourism across the globe. I can sense his sincerest intentions to promote Philippines and put our country on the top list places for beautiful tourists destination on Earth.

COO Tourism Promotions Boards, Mr. CESAR MONTANO
Meet-up with the Bloggers na Pang-Masa....
With the support of his brother, Rommel Montano and Ms. Krissy Mago, Head of PR Marketing of TPB and people who believe on his advocacy. Indeed, this dream will be a reality. Especially, nowadays, Social Media has a bigger role in influencing people and connecting various individuals with their own interests and passion in life.

So, I'm proudly say and grateful that I'm known our beloved COO Mr. Montano during our COO Meet-up & to be involved in promoting Philippines, our native land , in making it on the Top World Class Destination locally and internationally, as a Social Media Influencer is such a big privilege.

Here are some photos during our the COO Tourism Promotions Board Meet-up:

Mr. Cesar Montano, COO Tourism Promotions Board 
and Ms. Krissy Mago,
of TPB MEET-UP with the Bloggers

Mr. Cesar Montano, COO of TPB and my 
Fellow Bloggers (Above: Ver Garcia & 
Lhourdhess Mercadero)
(Below: Gus Cabredo & Kim Baylon)

Funny and cool, COO of Tourism Promotions
Board with fellow Bloggers, Kuya David, Kim, me & dhess

It's More Fun In The Philippines with
Blogger Buddies: Gus, Kim & Lhourdess

I believe in order to achieve success in promoting Philippine Tourism is reaching out various
level of societies. In creating an impact to the youth and to the average people is creating an environment that is friendly, approachable, low-profile and simple wherein
people can connect their real situation and stories like Mr. Cesar Montano portraying to all
his Historical movies such as Sultan Kudarat, Andres Bonifacio for El Presidente, Muro Ami and Jose Rizal, all signifies love for our country and freedom for our sovereignty.
Filipino's should felt the sincerity of people working behind our gov't sectors for the betterment of our country.
Indeed, the hands of a true national leader, patriotism is a powerful tool that brings country as One.

One thing that I loved most with our COO, Mr. Cesar  Montano,  his a religious man and his heart is filled with patriotism. I've been an avid fan for all his movies and I may say, it pertains with the idealism for love of our country,society issues, poverty and supremacy. Big salute for maintaining its goal to spread love for our nation which pertains the values and beliefs of all Filipino's.

Inside, Tourism Promotions Board
Conference Room with the 
Video Credit by David Ferro

It shows that his heart has concerned for all Filipinos especially, when he joined last Feb. 25 in Quirino Grandstand Prayer Vigil in supporting Pres. Duterte againsts illegal drugs, poverty and corruption. Wherein,he sung a Religious Song dedicated for all Filipinos, to unite as one and have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ just like we trusted our land with the leadership of our President Duterte.

Mr. Cesar Montano, COO of TPB during Prayer Vigil in Quirini Grandstand
Photo Credit to Mr. Ver Garcia
The Prayer Vigil symbolizes unity of all Filipinos to stand firm, fight for illegal drugs, stop corruption and reinstate the value of good governance, with dignity and integrity to all Government Sectors.

Thru, Pres. Duterte's leadership, criminality and poverty will decline with his relentless effort to give full security and support for all Filipino's who believe on his advocacy. Time for change,time to embrace courage and its destined for the Philippines to known around the World that we are One. One country, one nation who believes that change is better for Mankind.

Ms. Krissy Mago, of Tourism Promotions Board (Right)
Photo Credit to Mr. Ver Garcia

Here are some glimpse of the event:

A Massive people supporting President Duterte's against Illegal Drugs, Corruption, 
Criminality and Poverty.

Photo Credits to Tin Gonzaga

Let's support and believe with the mission and vision of our new COO of Tourism Promotions Board, Mr. Cesar Montano. Also, let us unite to bring inspiration and support to our leader, Pres. Duterte, to bring Philippines as top most Asia Hub in Business, Tourist Destination and Health & other Sectors that brings wealth and goodness to our land.

Filipino's should stop those crab mentality intellect or even, that envy emotions towards fellow Filipino. Prevent judging people from past mistakes and indifferent actions.Respect each other opinions and stay positive.

Midnight Change with COO of 
Tourism Promotions Board,
Mr. Cesar Montano
Video Credit by Mr. Ver Garcia

Another,Video for COO,TPB entitled "Blessed Be Your Name" Video 
by Mr. Ver Garcia

Time for everyone to support and help one another to uplift our country because in real time, we will harvest the fruits of our labor.

More foreign individuals will visit our land, more growth and more opportunities for Filipino to showcase our hospitality, camaraderie and generosity of our beautiful island in the Philippines.

Hope, you enjoy reading my blog about our New Beloved COO Tourism, Mr. Cesar Montano in supporting Pres. Duterte advocacies.  
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