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Discover food parade in Food Alley Marikina!!!

It's no shock that all Filipino people loves to eat.  Those are the habits that cannot be broken, we have our own certain appetite for food, either, it can be sour, salty, sweet and spicy. It never fails that food really comforts us, especially, women if we are on a rough situation in terms of our love life. Our food cravings are so high. It's like chocolate, if we ate a lot, we became more happier.

For me, Food Alley is a a great avenue for food that offers a wide variety of snacks and dishes.

Every, age group will love this place. It's a big play ground for kids and an amazing hang-out place for barkada's and family bonding on weekends. Also, to satisfy for pasta cravings and picha picha snacks. This place is the perfect venue for you.

The Food Alley Venue:

The fascade of the Food Alley is 
like a big festival. 

A few steps from the entrance, the Sweet silog is waving hello and inviting you to try their best-selling sweet silog meals. For people,who loves all kinds of silog dishes, like having a morning breakfast. This food store will guarantee answers your silog dish cravings.

Upstairs, there's food concessionaires that offers a delightful seafood experience and a fine dining with warm ambience and a cool view of the band playing to serenade you. While,eating your fave dish in town. 

Great view from the second floor, a wide and spacious area for night out's and band music while,drinking a few shots of beer. 

If you love to try a new asian dish and a Filipino-Carribean Western Cuisine, try the Genghis or The Cargo....

Various food concessionaries at the
Ground floor of Food Alley:

For picha-picha snacks like 
Fish balls (P25), shrimp balls (P25), squid balls (P25), quikiam balls (P25), kwek-kwek (P25), chicken balls (P25) and crab balls (P40).
Visit Chumballs. 

If your a burger person,who can eat 
3 patty layered meat in just one sitting.
The Tapout ultimate burger is
 the perfect burger for you.
Visit their Facebook page @tapout
Tapout burger photos below.


Here's some Food Parade in Food Alley:


Mr. Crab and Friends
Chili Buttered Crab -165 pesos
Boiling Crab, Shrimp 
& Sausage - 175 pesos
Chili Garlic Shrinp -155 pesos 
and more menu to choose from.

Kanto Grill offers a variety of Ihaw-Ihaw foods from 15 pesos up like for example
Isaw for only 15 pesos.

Sweet Silog offers:
Tapsilog-130 pesos
Salsilog-150 pesos
Chicksilog-150 pesos & more silog dish favorites.
Breakfast Meal for any time of the day.

Bacon Avenue serves rice toppings with a twists, in addition with fries & some corn/carrots for side dish: 
T-Bone Steak - 135 pesos
Salisbury  Steak - 115 pesos
Bacon Hungarian Sausage
with Fries / Mayo Dip - 150 pesos
and many more....

The Cargo
A fine restaurant that cooks
Western Caribbean Cuisine
that you'll surely love such as:
Diablo Black Pasta -150 pesos
Pouched Egg Top 
White Pasta -190 pesos and many more.

Tokyo Tempura - 85 pesos 
/ 5 shrimps
You'll love the taste of this 
flavorful tempura.

Core Freeze

Every kids delight is ice cream.
You wouldn't missed to try this
Frozen ice cream at Core Freeze, 
every bite is worth a try 
Its like your in alaska, in a snow country cause it has a fog 
like effect because
of the Nitrogen...
Look at the Video below: 

Frozen Ice cream
At Core Freeze

For Marikina people, Visit Food Alley located at Lot 20 Blk 2 Bayan-Bayanan Ave, Marikina, Metro Manila and is open from 4pm to 12am.

For food crawlers out there, esp. At night.
Food Alley is best place for you.
You can choose any variety of foods.
Its affordable and you'll enjoy the cool atmosphere.  So, visit Food Alley and experience food parade at its best.

Buddy Blogger Friends, Kim Baylon and Gus Cabredo

Thank you for reading this blog about  the grand opening of Food Alley ,Bayan Bayan Marikina
last February 28, 2017!!!!

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