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Spam(R). Brand Can Campaign wins the heart of all Filipino's.

SPAM® brand gives Filipinos what it wants and more with SPAM® CAN! campaign!!!

For every meal, Filipinos of all ages attest to their undying love for the SPAM® brand, bringing the brand from the all-time favorite premium canned meat, to an icon of fun and pleasure in every eating occasion.

What makes all Filipino's love this SPAM® brand??? 

It's because inside this little blue can lies the delicious, crave-able meat that bursts endless possibilities – you can chop it, slice it, fry it, bake it, or even make a sisig. This is why its newest campaign, SPAM® CAN!, revolves around all the things that SPAM® CAN! do for you.

The campaign lets you discover all new things that SPAM® CAN! do. Showcasing new ways on how you can enjoy your all-time favorite canned meat through the new SPAM-MAZING™ local recipes. Learn how easy and breezy it is to prepare Pinoy comfort food like SPAM® Tokwa’t Baboy and SPAM® Sisig; and even get to try international recipes such as SPAM® Fried Rice and SPAM® Tacos.
Spicy & caramelized SPAM(R).
SPAM® CAN! lets you discover more ways to enjoy your favorite canned meat.

While there’s a lot more to uncover with the SPAM® brand and its line-up of taste-obsessing recipes, we bet it comes as no surprise that the SPAM® brand can actually launch its very own boyband.

Welcome ALL4SPAM™ as the newest addition to your SPAM® craving needs. A group of four members: SUPREEZY aka the Bad Boy, professing his strong obsession for SPAM® Hot & Spicy; MAD MIC, the goofball, who just can’t get enough of SPAM® Bacon; PEPPER, the pretty boy whom your mom wants you to marry, has always been in love with SPAM® Classic; and lastly, ACE, the lover-boy, who is all sweet and cheesy and just like his go-to, the SPAM® Cheese.

ALL4SPAM™ boyband reinforces the love and preference of the Filipinos for the SPAM® brand. Each members singing and dancing their way to make fans fall in love even more, as they show all things that SPAM® CAN! do.

“The SPAM® team highly recognizes the love that the Philippines has for SPAM® products, and we are truly thankful for the support that we’ve received over the years. We have specifically chosen to launch the SPAM® CAN! campaign in Manila because we see the potential to grow the market of SPAM® lovers by showing consumers how versatile SPAM® products are. And because Filipinos are known to be some of the most talented singers in the world, launching a boyband, ALL4SPAM™, made complete sense to reinforce just what the SPAM® Brand can really do,” says Jaynee Sherman who is the Senior Brand Manager of the SPAM® Brand, Hormel Foods International Division of Hormel Foods Corporation.

The boyband was officially launched at the SPAM® CAN! event last March 20 at the Glorietta Activity Center, alongside the unveiling of the new SPAM® CAN! TV commercial. ALL4SPAM™ can be seen gracing the online screens in the upcoming weeks.

All4Spam Video

Here are some photos of #ALL4SPAM Boyband:

The SPAM® CAN! event will be filled with exciting entertainment for SPAM® fans to enjoy. 

I learned a lot of new SPAM(R). dishes by an exclusive cooking demo by Chef Sharwin Tee especially, the SPAM® Puto. I've tasted it, in one of the booths presented in the event. The SPAM(R). Puto is so flavorful and so delicious. 

Exciting booths includes: Can-aoke, SPAM® Dance-off, and special SPAM® dishes for free. The event works in partnership with Children’s Hour through the Make a Hero SPAMWICH™ booth, where all proceeds at the end of the event will be doubled by SPAM® and donate it to the partner foundation.

Every generous act rewards a good soul. With this "MAKE A HERO SPAMWICH" campaign, a charity for children's welfare and health will be supported & cared. 

Headed by Ms. Jaynee Sherman, she awarded 100,000 pesos to Children's Hour staff together with Chef Tee and Guests Celebrities, Andi Manzano and DelaMar.

Truly, this is an exciting year for the brand because with our newest campaign, we will offer more reasons for the SPAM® fans to enjoy more dining occasions with SPAM(R). product. We will always keep giving new things, new ideas, new recipes, because SPAM® CAN! really do a lot of things,” Sherman says. 

Photo Gallery:

Spam(R) Fans enjoyed free tasting of various SPAM(R). products. While, listening and watching cooking demo by Chef Sharwin Tee. 

Free Food Tasting of various  SPAM (R). Dishes 

This delicious American icon and global brand launched in 1937 as “The Meat of Many Uses!” and the world quickly ate it up. It was the arrival of WWII, and the need for easily transported & protein that did not need refrigeration, that fueled the SPAM® brand’s incredible growth around the world. Today, with over a dozen varieties sold in more than 40 countries, this 80-year-old brand continues to ignite invention all over the world.

Ms. Sherman says thank you
to all Filipino's who supported
and loved SPAM(R). BRAND.

Spam (R) Brand lightens every family to share memorable moments every meal. 
Every, SPAM (R) Can gives meaningful joy to each Family bonding. . .

Thank you for reading my blog about the SPAM CAN Event last March 20, 2017!!!

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