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Understanding Breakthrough Cancer Pain with the Media Bloggers!!!

Breakthrough Cancer Pain: Media Event

Understanding Breakthrough pain and its pain management are very important for patients and its relatives undergoing a difficult situation. In terms of knowing the disease at a late stage and the persistent of pain in people who was diagnosed having this  nature  of ailment. Breakthrough pain should be treated around-the-clock with analgesic dosage or even with a strong, fast acting opioid management.

Cancer is enough to affect one’s quality of life but breakthrough cancer makes things worse for patients. In line with this, a blogger’s event was held last March 8, 2017 at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, wherein  speakers discussed a new discovery about breakthrough cancer pain which introduces a game changer in its management.

Dr. Dolma Santos
1st Speaker 

Sharing their expertise on the topics were Dr. Dolma Santos, member of the Board of Directors of the Pain Society of the Philippines and Professor Michael Uberall, a renowned and widely published physician in the Pain and Pallative Care with over 600 scientific lectures and more than 100 original papers in this field.

Prof Uberall is also the Medical Director of the Institute for Neurological Sciences in Nuernberg Germany and the President of the German Pain League.

Dr. Michael Uberall, 
2nd Speaker for Rapid Onset Opiods

“According to the Philippine Cancer Facts & Estimates, there will be 6 million people worldwide and 200,000 Filipinos who will suffer from cancer pain, majority of which are not satisfactorily relieved in spite of availability of well-established, simple and cost-effective methods for cancer pain relief” – Dr Dolma.

There are two types of cancer pain – background pain and breakthrough cancer pain. According to Professor Uberall, Breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP) is a transient exacerbation of pain than occurs either spontaneously, or in relation to a specific predictable or unpredictable trigger, despite relatively stable and adequately controlled background pain. BTcP is characterised by a sudden onset of pain that reaches peak intensity within as little as 3 minutes and lasts for an average of 30 minutes. Patients with cancer have around 4 episodes of Breakthrough Cancer Pain in a day.

Breakthrough Cancer Pain is a common problem among cancer patients and is also known to have a severe detrimental impact on quality of life (QoL), including daily functioning, social relationships and enjoyment of life. Furthermore, a number of studies have reported that a large proportion of patients with BTcP feel dissatisfied with their pain control. Thus, there is a need for effective treatments for relief of BTcP as current treatments do not adequately address BTcP.

Now, cancer patients who suffer from Breakthrough Cancer Pain do not have to miss those special moments in their lives.If you or your any of your loved ones are suffering from Breakthrough Cancer Pain, please seek consult with either your pain/palliative care specialist or medical oncologist.

Attending this Breakthrough Cancer Pain Media Event gives me a clearer understanding about the prevalence of Cancer in our country,  how it affects people in different level of societies in life, how they react and fight this dreadful disease. Indeed, there are Pain and Palliative care given though sometimes in late stages of cancer, the severity of pain occurs with less knowledge in Pain management, it is not addressed properly.

Indeed, moments like this are too important to miss. Because, every year, pharmacological revolution happens that brings cure to every diseases of human form has. It's difficult to missed an information that is worthy to spread among the public. As a Health Allied, I'm glad I was able to learn and share new insights of this development about Breakthrough Cancer Pain Medication.

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