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MINOLA Premium Coconut Oil: Reveals its true color for a healthy living!!!

Being a health practitioner and a Physical Therapist, maintaining good health is one of my top most priority in life. I have known all kinds of heart disease that really affects one's being. The Lifestyle itself of an individuals has a big determinants on having a well-maintained body stature. That is why, I'm truly careful of  what I eat, especially the fatty and oily foods because hypertension and cardiovascular diseases is prevalent on my hereditary genes. 

That is why, when, I found out that there will be a Informative forum for the bloggers regarding  the benefits and truths about coconut oil. I've asked, Mommy Larisa,  if I could be part of it and luckily I was chosen. Minola has been our favorite brand of coconut oil since, I was little. I remembered, my mom always buying it in the grocery store.  So, what's the real score or truth about Coconut Oil. Here are some of my notes that I've learned during the forum.

The topic for the Minola Informative Forum is "Coconut Oil: The Truth Shall Make you healthy by Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit, a professor in Ateneo de Manila University, Acting President of National Academy of Science and Technology and Chair of  Scientific Committee for Health, Asian and Pacific Coconut Community is the speaker for  the Blogger's Session this afternoon at Oracle Hotel Residences in Katipunan, Quezon City. 

First, he discussed a brief introduction about Coconut, he mentioned that the coconut tree is originated to a Palm Family (Arecaceae) is the only member of the genus (cocos). Over a period of 80 million years, it developed a great capacity to spread across the ocean, the nut survives up to 120 days floating n sea water and started to makes its way to the land. According, to, the DNA analysis origins of coconut begins in Southeast Asia and South India. Furthermore, with our PH History, in 1898, copra and coconut oil were exported to Europe as raw material ingredient of soap and margarine. 5% was comprises with Copra export in the Philippines.

Also, I've learned during the forum that saturated fats has a higher rate in acquiring Cardiovascular Heart Disease(CHD). It raises the level of cholesterol in the blood. As I researched, saturated fats could be found in animal food products such as butter, lard, meat, palm oil& cheese etc. Definitely, any exaggeration of eating those foods can really cause high cholesterol and increases mortality rates.

As Dr. Dayrit reiterate, according to Dietary Guidelines for Americans (1980-2015), in 1980, people was advised to avoid too much fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. While, in 2015, it was told that individuals should limit calories from added sugars and saturated fats to avoid the risks of having CVD.

But, the most important thing that I've learned in this forum that is " FRYING with unsaturated oils produces FREE RADICALS and TRANS FAT. Those oils increases the risks of Stroke , inflammation and cancer.  However, some places in Pacific like Nauru, Cook Islands, Samao & US has a higher rate of Overweight and Obesity because of the food they consumed identified as margarine, butter, chicken and meat that makes them more affected in acquiring heart problems.

And Dr. Dayrit mentioned, that a good intake of Coconut Oil, promotes a lower rate of abdominal obesity because it has a Lauric acid , the same ingredient that Minola has, it contains healthy saturated  fatty acids, easier to digest, it is not stored as fats in the body and mostly, it can easily processed by the liver, converting into energy not stored fat. So, Minola Coconut Oil is a healthy oil for our body. There are a lots of benefits of Coconut oil, it is already proven and knowing that Minola creates a healthy product, reassures everyone that it is safe and beneficial to our well-being.

To sum it up, here are some ways for us to lessen the effect of bad cholesterol in our body.  I guess, we need to exercise regularly, walk in a fast pace at least 3x a wk and take some fish oil supplements to combat saturated fats that lowers bad cholesterol and raises HDL Levels. 

I'm glad I was able to attend this event, now, I have much clearer insights in terms of saturated fats and unsaturated that makes me understand more the food that I digest. Thank you, Dr. Dayrit for all the information.

Minola Premium Coconut Oil Products manufactured
 by  San Pablo Manufacturing Corporation 

The Event Photos:

Ms. Ruby Rodriquez for the Opening Remarks

During the discussion of Coconut Oil: The Truth shall make you healthy....

Question and Answer portion with Dr. Dayrit

Final words from Atty. Jun Nario, President of
 San Pablo Manufacturing Corporation Executives and Staff 

A Certificate was presented by Ms. Ruby Rodriquez and Atty. Jun Nario, executives of San Pablo
Manufacturing Corp. to the speaker, Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit

San Pablo Manufacturing Corporation Executives and Staff during 
Minola Premium Coconut Oil Information Forum

An Informative discussion given by Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit

Bloggers who attended the Forum

Selfie Goals with the Speaker Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit
with my fellow sweet blogger friend , Kim Baylon

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Minola Premium Coconut Oil...

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Thank you for reading this blog regarding Minola Premium Coconut Oil Information Forum with the
Media Bloggers last February 28, 2017!!!!

Hope, you enjoy and learned some facts about Coconut Oil. Choose Minola into your home.

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