Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch in the Philippines!

A New Fashion Collaboration of Blogger Babes and Clozette here in Manila!

I can't believe that I was able to sign-up and be one of the attendees on this Blogger Babes Asia Launch this coming October 3, Saturday. It's been 2 weeks, since, I'm fulfilling my passion in writing through blogging. Then, I already have the privileged to join some fabulous event like this one.
It's like the Universe is pulling me and showing me the perks of life. Preparing and letting me showcase the other side of Seraphimblue

Indeed, I'm excited and quite amazed of how my life turns. But, definitely, I'm so interested to meet Ms. Heidi Nazarudin, CEO & Co-founder of  US Blogger Babes, she will give inspiring talks for emerging Blogger Babes who ambitiously wants to have an impact in our fashion world of blogging.

Take note, the most popular female bloggers in the Fashion World will be attending this event..
Their names are: Vern & Verniece Enciso
Dana & Cristina Decena 

The Blogger Asia Launch in Kuala Lumpur was a success. You can read this article by Becks Ho, Glam Asia Editor , so, u can have a clear insight or clue if what will happen during 
our female blogger workshop on saturday.

 Here's the link:

I'm a newbie blogger and it will be very helpful for me. 
Thank you, Blogger Babes Asia and Clozette
for this wonderful opportunity. 

For my Fellow Female Bloggers out there
 who will attend this 
fabulous event!
See yah!

Nothing exceeds the exquisite courtesy of an Angel.

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