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Knowlarity to empower Small and Medium Enterprises through SuperReceptionist

Knowlarity goes public as Asian cloud telephony giant launches in the Philippines

October 8, 2015, Makati, PHILIPPINES:  Knowlarity and Vinea Distribution, Inc. (VDI) publicly announces the launching of Super Receptionist, one of the key products of Knowlarity to the public particularly to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  The launching was done in an event at Discover Primea in Makati City.

Vikas Kakkar, Vice President and Head of International Business Strategy of Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd., heads the product launching and said that through SuperReceptionist businesses can expect a reduction in their cost of communication particularly in the maintenance and construction of business communication infrastructure.

Resellers of Vinea Distribution Inc., the official Philippine distributor of Knowlarity were the main audience during the launching.  Members of the Press including Philippine Daily Inquirer, Malaya and Manila Times were also present as well as tech bloggers.

“There is no setup or maintenance cost for this product, all you have to do is install it and then use it.  However, there will be a subscription cost that is very affordable compared to your regular PABX,” says Kakkar.

Kakkar also stresses that SuperReceptionist and PABX should never be compared since there are quite big differences among the two.  Knowlarity maximizes the use of cloud telephony by delivering a service that uses the Internet Of Things and connects a virtual number to any physical phone be it a landline, a PABX or your smartphone.

Technology Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

“Through SuperReceptionist, we are giving resellers the capability to help small and medium enterprises empower their communications.  It is VDIs commitment to provide state-of-the art and new technology to the market like we have always done,” says Jason Hidalgo, VDI Product Specialist for Knowlarity.

The communication power offered by Knowlarity is the first of its kind in the Philippines and will particularly help startups.  Some of the initial users of the technology includes Zomato Philippines and Easy Taxi.  Startups can utilize this technology to allow them to get business leads and project a big company.

Just imagine, the power of knowing who called you, analyzing your calls, knowing where your calls are coming from and more.  This would give you the ability to capture more prospects and opportunity against traditional telephony capabilities.

Businesses who want to avail of Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist can contact Vinea Distribution Inc. (VDI) at and they will be connected to a local reseller.

 About VDI and Knowlarity

Vinea Distribution Inc. (VDI) will be the official local partner of the Singapore based company.  VDI, had been known to be one of the leading distributors of thin-clients, storage, security and surveillance solutions in the SME, enterprise and education sectors. 

Knowlarity is India’s first and the biggest provider of unified communication solutions, and empowers companies with marketing automation and communication tools.  Founded in 2009 by IIT Kanpur graduates Gupta and Pallav Pandey, Knowlarity Communications provides business telephony services to companies, particularly in the small and medium enterprise segment

Knowlarity is backed by some of best venture capitalists in the world: Sequoia Capital and Mayfield Ventures. Headquartered in Singapore, and have offices in India, Dubai, Turkey and the Philippines, and have a presence in more than 65 countries. Customers range from first-time entrepreneurs to multinationals such as Google. The company have served more than 12,000 companies worldwide.

Photos of Knowlarity Launching

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