Sunday, October 18, 2015

Top 5 Occassions that call for delightful Delivery

Is there anyone who does'nt crave food in the middle of the night? Or either, is there any guy who skip meals just to play a basketball or even ride his Ferrari car? The answer is a big "NO".

ALL of us especially Filipino's loves to eat. As my mom always tells me, for a man to be happy, you need to full his stomach in. Otherwise, your relationship won't be so lively, exciting and fruitful.

That's why you can always see couples, dining in to various restaurants, food courts & outlets. Trying & discovering places to savor a tasteful cuisine just to enrich their love and shared it together.Remember, LOVE is not coming from the heart, it's an emotions, one function of your brain situated in hypothalamus. The more glucose you have for your brain, the more excitable neurons you have, the more cravings and love you feel for each other.

But, what if there's an easiest way to have those food in your own plate within your vicinity. Would you rather go out or stay home and experience a new way of food delivery. 

Indeed, I'm a practical person, why wait the long line just to have your food serve. If you can have it delivered in your own doorsteps.

That is why, I've listed my Top 5 occasions
that calls for a delivery:

1)During Family Outing

If a hotdog and marshmallow runs out the table, you can easily call for delivery. If your tired, swimming around. Just dial up, your food will be delivered instantly.

2) Farewell Party at the Airport Office

Oftentimes, papers are filed up. You don't have time to pack up and bring all the food in your ref. or let your mom cook it for you as earliest at 3am, such a big effort on her side, just to set up a farewell party but the most easiest thing to do is to call for delivery. While, finishing the task and endorsing to your colleaque some jobs for a smooth transition.So, you can easily choose your favorite food in that way even for just one day, you still have bonding with your fellow airport mentors and supervisors.

3) Meet & Greet with Social Media
Of course, the organizers will be the one who will take in charge for the food delivery. To make the meet and greet more meaningful, it's wonderful that certain food will be delivered while chit chatting.

4)After, the wedding reception

Wedding couples are those people who does not eat a lot during this kind of event. Either, their too nervous or excited. so, after all the program and preparation, both of them are so exhausted and starving. This is a perfect call for a delivery. Am I fabulously, right???

5) Movie Date Night at Home with
your sweetheart

One occasion, that guaranteed a call for delivery. A moment with the one you love, sharing a wonderful, comedy action & love romantic movie. While, having a pasta, pizza and fries..

For a fast pacing society were living in. For one click, you can easily have it all, all the information in your hand. There is already a solution. If your craving for your fave food..Food panda.pH is the answer to your
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Thank you for reading my blog.

Love lots, Seraphimblue44